Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A QFRR Finish - and commenting on comments

I am so happy to report that one of the original QFRR has been finished. Valerie posted that Wendy's is now completed - All I can say is Woo HOO!!! AND do a happy jig of joy!!!! Little did I think when I started getting everyone together last year the road that this RR would take. You can read back into the archives to see the traumas we have endured - Now, the next shifting is February 3rd - I need to get on the stick and finish up Valerie's piece and get that moving on to Rowyn. Congratulations on a beautiful finish!!!

Not too much going on last night - I finished up the Valentines exchange piece and I really like the way it turned out - I will be getting that into the mail on Thursday - since it doesn't have that far to go it will get there very quick.

Now - lets talk about all the wonderful comments from you everyone - When I open the Blog in the morning - (It is the first thing I do when I get into work BTW) - I look back a couple of entries to see if anyone has spoken up from out of the dark on a past entry - and then go a see what the new comments are. I so enjoy reading them and usually just sit and laugh at the funny things you all say and talk back to the silent machine - so you never hear what I say - which is a shame - so I thought I would start a weekly yap here at Blacksheep answering and commenting on comments - Lets' call it CoC - how original is that!! :)

Lets start with and older entry from Heidistitches - Thank you so much for the nice comment - I was wondering if anyone would notice if I posted and more recent photo of the us - the photo was taken down on the Embarcadero and that is the Bay Bridge in the background.

Keepntch - asked about the meaning of MAW (Make a Wish) and SBEBB (Stiching Blogger Exchange Bulletin Board) - those are two exchanges groups that I belong to. Both exchanges were put together by Becky - the SBEBB has been going on for 4 years and is now closing. It is amazing just how much time an exchange can take - and she has worked tirelessly and deserves a break. Becky has put together another exchange group - Prairie Schooler Year long exchange - which should prove to be lots of fun. I really love exchanges as it is really the only time I work on anything small. Usually I am working on larger things - but the occasional small is a great quick finish fix.

Erica told me about the Christmas plate I found at Goodwill - I had no idea it would be worth that much. I only knew it was undamaged and I really liked the scene AND it reminded me of some dear friends in NC who collect these plates - and the price was right!! Thanks Erica for the info!! - Knowledge is power!!

Kathryn mentioned El Gordo over on 9th Avenue - I used to live on 17th and Lincoln when I first moved to SF so I knew that restaurant and many more in the area - and YES it is wonderful - I love the inner Sunset!!! - I also had no idea you could use the Corning Ware on the stove top -you learn something everyday!!

Talking about the Blue Flower Casserole dish - When we broke up my grandmother's house after she passed - I took all her Blue Flower Corning so it means lots to me to be able to use them - and I add to them when I see a piece I don't have. - and Nic - like you, I have one missing a lid also - but I do occasionally see them out there so I haven't given up hope yet!! I did a quick search online to see what the 5 quart would run me and the SRP on the secondary market is $60 - I just can't believe it!!!

I just love the book that Yoyo talked about and it has gone onto my list of things I need - or I probably should say things I want!!! You learn so much from reading other blogs it can get you into lots of trouble!!!

I totally love Coni's blog - and yes - I wish I could write off my gargantuan TV on my taxes, it might be frowned upon - but one can hope!!!

There are so many other comments to comment on - and I love them all - keep them coming -
- I didn't even have a single snap..... I think I'll post this one -

This is another snap of Daytona Beach - it is the beach approach built in the 1920's and you can just make out the ocean under the arch. The weather is warmer here in SF than at my Mom's in FL. It got to 80 here in the city yesterday - we are told that it will be slowly going back to normal now and towards the end of the week they expect rain.

Thanks for stopping by!! Thank you all for your interest in my little bit of the Internet!!!

Take care,


  1. Love the idea of CoC's.....I just noticed the new photo you havae up. I love it. A very California Christmas :)

    I get excited when I find items at the Goodwill like corning ware. I love to collect pyrex. I had a beautiful Milk colored bowl that I used to make pancakes in but droped it on the ceramic floors and it shattered :( Not a fun mess to clean up.

    Love reading your blog Edgar.

  2. Yay! So happy to have finished Wendy's QFRR. It turned out really nice and I will be so excited to be caught up. 2 completed ones and four more "in progress".

  3. Isn't is great to see the QFRRs in their finished state? Maybe we should start thinking about what we should do next?

    I noted you had updated your picture - it's the lovely one that you used on your Christmas cards!

  4. I had no idea about the Corning Ware either - think I should give my friend back the one she gave me? Nope, it's mine, all mine! ;)

  5. Love the CoC feature! And since I usually read your blog on bloglines, I hadn't seen the new picture of you & Rico and the puppies. It's great! :D

  6. I have noticed that new photo of you and Ricco! I wish it was bigger though so I could see you both better! Remember, some of us have bad eyes now that we are getting older! LOL!

    I love going to Goodwill, Salvation Army and, of course, yard sales! You find so many great things!