Thursday, January 8, 2009

I missed Posting Yesterday

I am such a ding sometimes - I was totally working on a post for HOE - (I am moderating the Winter Quaker Exchange) and got so involved in doing that - I missed posting here. I think the reason is that I wanted to make sure that all - or at least most of the spelling mistakes were eradicated before I slapped that sucker up there. If you read here with any regularity you know for certain that spelling is a totally weakness for me and I am running spell check all the time ... and I still miss mistakes.

On the stitching front i am working on the very last SBBC Exchange - Winter House - I have changed what I am stitching three times - and finally ended up combing two different patterns - I really like the piece and hope the recipient does also.

Sherry asked about the White chocolate cake I made at Christmas - I got the recipe from All, just click that link and it will take you to the White Christmas Cake. I really like that site and have found many great recipes to make. The only change I made was to make it round and not square as my Mom did not have three square pans. I always read through the comments as the changes others have made to the recipes really help with problem areas.

Last night the movie was a Netflix feature - "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" - 2001 a three hour TV spectacle that i really enjoyed as It followed the family to the concentration camps they were sent to after being taken from the attic space.

Thank you all once again for the kind things you had to say in the comments area. Sherry saw my RR over on Dear Vonna's site - she added a super PS Witch - the question was about the linen - and yes, it is a hand dyed piece from BOF called Meadowlark, I think. :) - I do know I got it from NIAH with Mary's help - she is always so helpful whenever I visit - and i think I need a visit since it has been way over a month since I was over in Alameda.... how was that for some odd tangents....???

How about another beach snap from Christmas....

Looking North along the wide white sands of Daytona Beach , Florida. The ocean was so flat every time I visited and so bright and sunny.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Well, darn it anyway Edgar, LOL! Just when I was sure I was cutting back on exchanges~~and now there's a Winter Quaker on HoE??? I may have to sign up for it...maybe I better think on it for a few days, lol :)

  2. Daytona Beach is very pretty! We went there a couple of years ago. Need to go again! It's sad that SSEBB is closing. I understand that Becky retiring from the exchange group, but I was gonna host/moderate the Easter exchange! Now I won't get too :(
    Mybe I'll throw that outon my blog?!
    See ya sweetie!

  3. Hello,
    I was at Anne Franks's house (attic) in Amesterdam, 4 years ago, and was really emotional about it. Imagining them all there in such a small place not making a noise all day...
    Love the "Robin"
    Just saw "Magnificent Obssession" of John Stahl. Amazing movie!!!
    Best regards

  4. Hello Edgar!

    Your blog is new to me, this is the 2nd time I'm here.
    I saw your BP Quker SAL some days before on the Quaker Inpired blog, and I fell in love with it :)
    Beautiful work, congratulations!

    Greetings from Hungary,

  5. Here's another fan of All Recipes! It has it's own special spot on my taskbar so I can easily access it any time. :)