Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Tiny Post

GR&DF I do thank you all for the time you take stopping by!! I also wanted to thank those that are new visitors to the Blacksheep and also a big thanks to all my regular readers. Speechless usually does not happen to me but I am blown away by all the wonderful followers out there - how very sweet of you!! I see the number move up and down and then shoot up again - thank you - just like the comments - all big hugs of encouragement from Blog Friends!! I wanted to mention a new Blog out there - Linda over at Stitchin with Furbabies - stop by and say Hi.

I have had quite a few emails recently wondering about my participating in the Crazy 15 Project Challenge. Thinking about me and how I work at this hobby/obsession I know that my working on 15 projects would make what few hairs I have left just pop right off!! I can barely have the two WIP I have going now much less 15 WIPS's - It's just not a challenge I would enjoy. I am enjoying seeing all the projects that are being put together out there making up bundles of 15.

I am itching to get another start in - the two that come to mind instantly are "ATS" - and BBD "Anniversaries." Both those pieces I can't start as I don't have a piece of linen big enough for "ATS" and the BBD lovely has not completed yet and I am doing slight variations in each square reflecting my family history - just excuses I know but that's what works in my little crazy world of stitching.

More "Shores" stitching last night - I think I will post a progress snap on Monday instead of boring you with daily snaps as it is moving along briskly at the moment. "Sampler Wreath" has been sorely neglected and I will be getting back to it as soon as I finish up the 4th square of "Shores."

That's about it for today chickens. Do stop back by for a visit when you get the chance!!

Take care,


  1. I'm like you. I didn't take on the crazy 15 either. I have enough going on under my roof as it is!

  2. I've thought about the Crazy Challenge... but I'm not doing it either... I already have 7 wips.. 15??? Who is the designer on Alpha Birds? I really like your stitched piece!

  3. I can't commit to the 15 challenge either but like you, I do like to read how my fellow bloggers are coming along with it.

    Thanks for the heads up about a new blogger. I'm going there now......

  4. Okay, I was one of the ones foolish enough to take on the Crazy January Challenge ... and I am finding that the hardest part of the whole deal is having to put down a piece just as I have become interested in it. The problem is that every chart in my stash is something I really love and want to stitch .. I don't think any of the Crazy January projects will languish forgotten once the pandemonium of the first 15 days is past. I really do expect to finish them all this year, optimist that I am.

  5. I too gave the crazy 15 a pass. I could easily find 15 things to stitch, and I love starting new things... but I have a pesky habit of wanting to finish things too and I already have plenty on my plate. So, not wanting hair to pop off my head (thanks for the warning) I am sticking with what I am already committed to.

    So glad to be a newish follower.

  6. The crazy 15 is certainly giving us all eye candy, but it's not for me either. :)

    Looking forward to seeing how Shores is coming along.

  7. Edgar,
    Thank you for mentioning my blog. I really appreciate it. What do you think of it? Having withdrawals!!!!! NO pictures LOL


  8. I'm like you, I have enough WIPs not to add 15 new ones. I'd like to finish up the ones I have! I have both ATS and AOTH on the go and love stitching on both of them. You'll enjoy them, whenever you get around to starting them!

  9. Hi Edgar! Thaks so much for being such an inspiration to me. Based on yours, and a bunch of other stitchers', wonderful blog I finally took the step this year. It is so much fun!
    See you on-line & Happy Stitching!

  10. I love your blog! Are you still working on Mary Beale's sampler wreath? I bought a used copy on ebay and have made a small start on it. I am determined to finish another project before I allow myself to really get into the wreath.
    Thanks for all the enjoyable posts!
    Susan in So Cal

  11. I'm doing the crazy 15, and the way I look at it, since most were already kitted up in my stash--a started piece to me is no different than an unstarted chart and the fixings ready to go in my stash. I don't feel any particular pressure to finish stuff, I guess--just wired differently. I agree with Riona, though--sometimes you want to keep going on a fun stitch and the next day rolls around and it's time to start something else.

  12. Hello Edgar,

    I believe you sent me a christmas ornament for the Hooked on Exchange group, unfortunately I still haven't received it yet. I do hope one of your lovely stitched pieces does not get lost in the post as I have always wanted to own one of your lovely cretions! I just thought I would let you know Edgar because I know I worry if my gifts don't arrive on time. When it arrives I will let you know as soon as the postman delivers it.

    Happy New year!

    Lynn B

  13. Edgar, I so enjoy your site. I absolutely LOVE your AlphaBirds piece--it is just wonderful! I don't believe I have ever seen it put all together before, and now I think I will have to be on the lookout for it. Thanks for sharing.

  14. You inspire me Edgar especially when you said that you couldn't do the 15 project...if you can't then...makes me feel better - then you are like that eh! I am struggling along with my first linen piece and almost gave up. It is not perfect but ok and will make my other stitching feel "easy". I am already thinking that I will do it again as I can do better next time (maybe)I will post the progress in a couple of days. (Floral Gifts piece). Looking forward to seeing your pieces on Monday (no pressure).