Friday, July 26, 2013

Chihuahua Friday and a "Mystery" Update

Gentle Friends thanks, so much for stopping by, I have a couple of Chi snaps today, and the focus is on Whahumpi, he goes by a few other names, like Humpster, or Humpi but overall he's a great little man-dog, who-hound.  Always a little but skittish, we figure that's from all the "steamer trunks" of baggage he brought along with him from the home we rescued him from - here is a most typical evening shot .....

... in the evenings after the sun starts to set, and the fog rolls, in I usually click on the craptastic electric heat to take the chill off the house.  Almost immediately one or more of the hounds will grab this spot or the purple blanket just to the left.  Why they don't roast is beyond me, but they love this warm area.  I also think it is because they can see the front door and the sliding glass door and into the kitchen, a very good vantage point from about 5 inches off the ground.   Along with Humpi you can see some petals from the flowers and even a little ort, the Humpi loves all kinds of floss and especially the orts, he will chew them and I find them all over the house - sort of wet little knots of colour - it is very odd.  He will, if given half a the chance grab a skein of floss to just chew on, his preference seems to be WDW - and I usually just untangle it and dry it out, but the little tags are always destroyed......  here's another shot...

...... the Humpi is yawing and shaking all at the same time, this spot is - on the message chair -  the boys tussle over all the time - and usually starts a giant game of "grab-ass" that turns into a chase and bark up and down the stairs - which turns into fours hounds running all over the house!!

I wanted to leave off with a snap of the LK "Mystery" piece I'm working on....

..... I'm going to leave all the satin stitching for the border until the end - I don't want the q-sanp to mess it up.

That wraps up the week, have a super weekend!!!

Take care,


  1. awww, he's precious! "Mystery" is coming along nicely. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow sweet stitches *.*
    Hugs x

  3. The wild adventures of Humpi are cracking me up! He is adorable. That face looks so innocent. :)

    I love the LK Mystery piece you are working on. The owl sitting on the pumpkin makes me smile.

    Wishing you a lovely day and weekend, too.

  4. Aww! So cute! That's so funny that he prefers WDW! Love your progress on the Mystery piece!

  5. Mystery piece is looking very nice.

  6. "...wet little knots of colour..." Hahahaha! You're so good-natured! Of course! I'm glad your home is a happy one, with the four who-hounds...good gracious...that's sixteen tiny little who-hound feet!
    Your stitching is always just perfect!

  7. I am not normally a big fan of LK but the Mystery Sampler is very clever.

    And I wish someone would explain to me why the dogs with the quirks are precisely the ones that steal our hearts.

  8. What a cute little puppy (I say puppy because all dogs are truly puppies in my eyes no matter the age :))

    Loving seeing your L*K sampler come together!

  9. Love your Halloween piece! Humpi is too cute. I'm sure his antics keep everyone entertained. :)

  10. Your pup is just so cute!! Love your LK mystery piece too. So fun!

  11. Whahumpi looks like the doberman pinscher we had called Humphrey; I think it's the coloring. Humphrey was called Duke when we adopted him. He enjoyed humping our (male) dog Cazzie and my mother thought if they lived together he'd be "hump-free." (Mostly he was.) Humphrey was so afraid of thunder, he'd get under the dining table and just shake. So I guess that reminds me of him too! Stella also loves orts. I remember when we first got her, I used to have an ort jar I'd leave open on the side table. One day she had a beard of orts! It was hilarious. Dogs...gotta love 'em! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  12. Humpi is a little doll! Your mystery sampler is looking great! I did the same thing with the satin stitches. Have a super week-end!

  13. Your mystery stitch is coming along beautifully! Lovely puppy pics too.

  14. Your LK Mystery looks great, Edgar! I made it to the second part, but hit a standstill there. LOL. I'm hoping to get a bit more stitched this weekend. (I'm not too crazy about the satin stitches - should they not be stitched while the fabric is in a Q-snap?) Kevin

  15. aaaahh! you stitched all the good stuff in part one already! :D
    I'm working on the outer borders first and it's taking me F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

    Humpi is such a lovely rascal, no wonder you have 4 of them messing around! :)
    hugs and happy xxx,