Monday, July 29, 2013

A Short Week of Posts

Gentle Friends since this will be a very short week - only three days for me - I'm going to shake up my Posts from the usual weekly format - and so today will be a "Thrifting Monday" post.....

I did my usual running about Saturday morning - Rico was out of town at a  Softball Tournament - which left the house nice a quiet - if you can call a herd of who-hounds running all over and just loosing it every time they hear the slightest noise....  it can be distracting.  It seems they all settle down to nap at about 3 hour intervals for about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour then its back to playing "grab-ass" up and down the stairs - and from toy basket to sofa to bed to big chair to bathroom..... gotta lov'em!!  Now that the Peach is taking pills twice daily she needs to get a potty break about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours or so out side, and so we go out en masse and that burns off a bit of energy.  She seems to do really well while we're at work, and there are few to no piddle-puddles, usually.  Were was I going with that story.....  oh, so, I ran about to my usually spots and here are some fun bits I picked up....

... From l to r  - a  hard paste porcelain creamer mid 19th century.  This lovely piece....

... has hand painted flowers and lovely gold work and a split handle.  Although there are some issues with the foot and some of the gold has worn (still really pretty after 150 + years), for $1.50 I was not leaving the Goodwill without it - and I do love pitchers - of all sizes .....  which brings me to the top right and the lovely yellow wear piece with brown drippy glaze, how great it that!!  It is over sized to be a creamer, and really thick and heavy, but has lots of charm  - and - I picked up a couple more DVD's I did not have - If you look back to last Monday I posted about "Sink the Bismark" - and when I saw this DVD I just plunked it into my basket - along with "Ratatouille" a totally cute film about a mouse and cooking.  

I have been asked about my ever expanding DVD collection - and I have to say that there are 100's of films that I have never bought and would like to have, and since I usually am spending only a few dollars in this secondary market - it is not much for these weekend purchases.  I do leave far more behind than I buy, for various reasons, usually those that I leave are in piss poor condition, scratched or damaged beyond playability.  Since I do not keep the case one I am home, a broken or damaged case is not a reason I won;t  buy a title - at the moment there I have around 1500+ DVD's  - and the Blu-Ray collection is ever growing.  There are a few DVD titles I already own that I know will buy in Blu Ray if they are ever released in that format, but for the most part I will stick with the DVD.  I read all the time about the demise of the DVD format, and the move to the "virtual" and the "cloud" for movies - that is not for me - I want something tangible in my hand.  I know that the DVD format will last my lifetime, and after that I could not care in the least what or which way things move for film, as it will not be an issue I will have to deal with - that's a gruesome thought.....

That's about it for today sports fans - thanks for stopping by, do stop again tomorrow.....  baking day!!

Take care,


  1. I'm with you Edgar, be it books or DVDs I want to hold them in my hand. Although I will admit to owning a Nook for travel reading. How do you store your DVDs if not in the cases?

  2. aww me too :)
    i love to hold books in my hand too.
    sending you hugs x

  3. No techno reading here either, even the DVD recorder has to be operated by scares me!

  4. You manage to find the best things!

  5. I love all your finds. I love pitchers too, don't know why. Loved Ratatouille! It was such a cute movie! I admit to going with digital stuff a lot these days -- just for saving space. lol! I back up my laptop all the time too -- I am paranoid about that!

  6. John & I also like things that are tangible. Reading a book or watching a movie on a computer device? Never! I must tell you that John is hyperventilating at your remark about not keeping the DVD cases. How do you store them without the cases?

  7. I agree with you, you have to touch them. books, movies, music, .. I need the real thing in my hands!
    I must say I collect films in cases though, I like the overall look you get, so colourful and shiny :)

    beautiful pitchers, I'll take a look at Sink the Bismark. Ratatouille is such a good one! :)
    hope Peach gets well soon!
    hugs and happy xxx,