Friday, July 19, 2013

A Chihuahua Friday Snap and "Thy Needle" Update....

Gentle Friends the days fly by, weeks tumble away and Summer is fleeting....  doesn't it seem that sometimes it is all just too short.... and then there is never enough time to get the amount of stitching done I want to have done!!  With the top three Holidays of the year looming in the distance..... Hallowe'en at 103... Thanksgiving at 132 and Christmas is only 158 days away.... I have started to map out my Fall plans already!!

I thought today I would post a Smokie Snap...  

It is really hard to get him to stand still or even slow down, he's a little mischief maker and a super alarm  - any noise he hears he barks or howls at - even if there is no noise, or he thinks there is a noise or might be a noise or something out of the ordinary - he barks at it...and don't let one of the other who-hounds make a sound because that gets him going and then he gets caught up in the drama...... he's a little nuts!!  But, we love our little man-dog!!

.... and I wanted to post a last update snap of "Thy Needle".....

... I'm at that point where the rest of the stitching is just fill or idiot stitching (my words).  I have a small trip coming up next month were I'll be at the mercy of the Airlines, and with no more counting I can just stitch away in Airports and on airplanes without a chart to contend with - and its a small piece, it will be the piece of choice to travel with.  I already have three other things lined up and kitted, one of them I'll start this weekend and talk about next week.

That about wraps up the week sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by and for taking time to leave a comment or send an email.  Have a super weekend and do stop by again soon!!

Take care,


  1. Smokie is such a little doll!!I love the WIP!

  2. Smokie is one handsome guy!

  3. Awww, Smokie is a little cutie. Look at that face. He's a beautiful colour too.

    that's a cute stitch piece. I know what you mean about Idiot Stitching. Sometimes they serve a purpose.

    Have fun planning your Fall stitching!

  4. What a precious boy! I bet he is a mischief maker. LOL!

    Great progress on the stitching front. It may be just me but those circles remind me of eyeballs. Too funny!

    I like to do mindless stitching when I travel too. It's a great way to pass the time.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Smokie is such a handsome young man! I have a barker, too - not always fun!

  6. Smokie is adorable! The stitching is coming along well. How do you get so many projects done so quickly?

  7. Dearest Edgar: What an adorable sweetheart and so photogenic, I loce this picture.
    Love your stitching.
    Great pattern.
    Happy stitching, this is IHSW week-end and I will stitch my fingers off minus a graduating party, and Mass on sunday.

  8. What a cute pooch. Love the stitching.

  9. Awww, Smokie is so adorable! Love the look on his face! Love your stitching too. Good idea on saving the fill in for your trip. Looking forward to hearing about it!

  10. Aww cute smokie...
    Love the stitching.
    Hugs x

  11. Such a planner, you. I'd just idiot stitch til I was done! Smokie is a cutie!

  12. Don't you just love the little trouble makers? Mine is a little Rat Terrier and he just can't help himself. I love the stitching, it's wonderful as always.

  13. Smokie has the cutest little face. I love dogs that are a little big crazy, it makes life so much more fun!

    Love the stitching...hope where ever your travels take you that you find a stitchy shop and share it with travels.

    Blessings always

  14. Thy Needle is coming along quite nicely. It is kinda nice to get to the point of idiot stitching sometimes. Your little man Smokie is so cute. Just the cutest little face!

  15. Lil' Smokie is adorable! I just always love the who-hound reference. LOL We are leaving tomorrow for a road trip to Oregon, I'm going to try to do some stitching when it's not my turn to drive, but I fear car sickness might not allow me.

  16. Isn't he just the cutest little stud muffin you've seen? Look forward to seeing what you'll be starting soon.

  17. Cute puppy!

    Beautiful stitching.

  18. Love the Smokie snap, and just how organised are you? I'd be running around like a headless chicken 5 minutes before departure deciding what to take!
    Have a great weekend.

  19. Smokie sounds like a fierce protector. So cute!
    I love to save the idiot stitching for travel time and those long waits at the Dr's office.
    Safe travels....

  20. Edgar, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Friday Who-Hound posts. We lost our dog Beezer last October after almost 20 years and while most days are ok, some days my heart just aches. Seeing the who-hounds always brings a smile to my face. Give them a snuggle for me. I love Here Lies the Needle. MartyG

  21. Smokie is so cute Edgar, and as always, your stitching is just beautiful!

  22. Smokie! he's such a lovely chap, I'm sure he gets away with all his fuss about nothing!
    "idiot stitching", it really gives you the idea.. I'm glad you found a way to take the best out of both situations: dull work + being on a plane
    travel safe!

  23. Smokie ia so cute!
    Nice stitching :0)

  24. What a handsome little guy!

  25. Smokie is so cute but you are scaring me with the holiday countdown. Way too few days for gift and ornament making.