Monday, July 2, 2012

Stitchin' Stuff

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends it was a lovely weekend here in the City - not very hot and fogged in for the most part!!  We had a friend visiting from Monterey - she was up getting out of the heat and into the cool of SF - so we ran around with here for two days.   I did get in some stitching......

First up will be Part II of the SAL that Niky is running.  Here is the completed parts I & II....

It is a really fun piece to work on and the parts are very quick stitches.

The second piece I worked on was the CCN Jluy Cottage - I finished it up and am now waiting for August Cottage to arrive in the mail.  here's a snap of the entire piece...

and here is a crappy snap of just July...

Although I am not a big red, white and blue stitcher - 
I really enjoyed this particular cottage quirte a bit!!

I used only overdyed, except for the white -  here are my converted choices...

GAST Sarsparilla for DMC 435
HSH Honeytone for DMC 744
GAST Dark Chocolate for DMC 3031
White B5200
GAST Geranium (called for)
GAST Aged Pewter (called for) only for the bird bath
HSH Flagstone (for the roof)
GAST Cornflower - for Betty Bluebell
GAST Chives for Chopped Chives
GAST Midnight for Blue Beatrice

The thrid piece I worked on was "And They Sinned"...

I did some on the left hand side vine and finished up the Sun.  
I think this wil be the piece to work on this week.....

I also made up a Peach Cobbler out of some super summer peaches - 
I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

That's about it for today sports fans  - thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Wow, Edgar, your cottages are terrific. I really like them grouped together in one huge project. The variety of colors makes for a very interesting piece. I have to say that "July" beat out "April" as my favorite. Can't wait to see the rest of them! Happy 4th...

  2. The Cottages are very inviting...and I really like the Sinned piece.

  3. They all look gorgeous! July cottage is very striking looking.

  4. Beautiful stitching, as usual!

  5. Lovely pieces. I am really loving watching your progress on the "And They Sinned" piece. The SAL is intriguing to watch as well. I have to admit that after years of doing so many LHN houses [and all the houses and shops for the Town Square SAL by a variety of designers, as well] I much prefer to watch your progress on the cottages rather than stitch one myself. I still have more Town Square pieces to stitch but I am waiting a bit on that ... I want to do something different for a while.

  6. Such great pieces!!! I love them all! The July cottage is such fun. And the SAL is really pretty so far! ATS -- takes a long time, but it's a fun stitch in the end, right? Great progress!

  7. Edgar, as always, I have enjoyed seeing your pieces. The cottages stitched on one piece of fabric will be so impressive when done, and you do a great job with the color conversions. What are your plans for it when finished? Framed? I can't wait to see it in its entirety. Also, the And They Sinned piece is beautiful. Love the motifs and colors on that one as well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Breathtaking stitching as always : ) It is fun seeing how different people are tweaking the cottages in this series. I just may have to stitch this one : )

  9. Edgar, I always enjoy seeing what you're working on. The cottages are cute and you're making great progress on ATS- still my favorite stitched piece. Nancy in NY

  10. I must know four people who are doing ATS. It's VERY popular. Looks like you have good taste, Edgar! And I love the cottages. Well, so far. There isn't one I don't like yet. I may have to collect those charts and maybe stitch it myself some day. Glad you had some cool temps. It's been stifling here. Ick!!

  11. Your cottages look snazzy! And They Sinned - wow that's a lot of solid stitching! It all looks wonderful. Glad to hear someone is having a comfortable summer.

  12. July is my favorite one.

    I have ATS in my stash. . .it will be waiting for me when I am ready to take on a BAP

  13. Your projects all look great. I do like the color changes you made in the July cottage. I think that cottage my favorite so far. I'm thinking about starting ATS. Have a good week!

  14. The SAL is great - love that bird. How sweet are those cottages!! I just sold ATS because I would never stitch it but I love looking at it.

  15. You have had a productive weekend Edgar! I have ATS in my stash and would like to start it one of these days; for now, I will enjoy watching your progress.

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  17. Love your July cottage Edgar. They all look great lined up together. Love your color choices as always :)

  18. Your cottages are turning out so nice!!!! Congrats

  19. Super progress even with a friend visiting,you put my meagre efforts to shame. Motivation lacking a little here recently.

  20. Cute SAL sampler. Congrats on finishing July. Your conversion turned out great. That is gonna be one huge and stunning piece when all the months are done. ATS looks good.


  21. July Cottage is adorable! I love the bird in the birdbath. I must admit that I was kind of "meh" on these cottages, but seeing them all together like you have them, they are just so appealing!