Monday, July 9, 2012

Some Stitching and Weekend Stuff

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends sorry to break off for two days but there were so many folks out here at work my load was heavier than usual.  

The weekend here was just gorgeous... lots of wind (not breeze)  it was almost "blowin a gale."  Yesterday the fog rolled in over the city and I had to turn on the heater a bit to take the chill out of the house.  Summer in SF, you just can't beat it!!!

On the stitching front I finished up August with quite a few changes....  here is an overall shot...

and here is a close up of August Cottage....

As you can see the most obvious change is the Cottage itself... with this being the 4th light blue Cottage in the set I just couldn't do it again...  so I chose to go yellow.  I also stitched the waves a bit differently to give them some depth - outlining with the light "Morning Glory" blue and filling the centers with "Tropical Ocean" - I think it is more interesting than just all light blue.  Here's my conversion...

Simply Shaker Sampler Threads - "Melon Patch" - DMC 352
SSST - "Apple Cider" - DMC 420
CC "Finley Gold" - DMC 744
SSST "Portabella" - DMC 3022
SSST "Lexington Green" - DMC 3022
WDW "Swamp" - DMC 3031
GAST "Tropical Ocean" - DMC 3755
DMC B2500 - DMC White
GAST "Morning Glory" - only for outlining the waves
SSST "Grape Leaf" - "Shutter Green" 

I couldn't find any SG in my stash.  I did eventually find some but by that time I was to far into the grass to take it our so I left the Grape Leaf.

Now that I am a bit ahead on this piece I will just sit back and wait for September to come out.

I also got some of the bits done on AST.....

This is coming along nicely and I am really enjoying all the different colours and bits in this section.

I got some thrift shopping in on Saturday....  and here's the haul.....

I picked up three books a fun DVD and a Sterling measure.  I think that they thought the measure was an egg cup or something as it was in the kitchen section marked $1.60.  I immediately knew it was a single/double jigger (in a past life I was a bar tender) and that it was Sterling - just by picking it up you can feel the heavy silver quality and I found a sterling mark once I got the tarnish off.   I guess with it being so blackly tarnished they just didn't know/or care.  I got it for .80 as everything was 1/2 off.  Now, you can't beat that with a stick!!

I baked up an easy little coffee cake yesterday...

I'll post that up in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. Nice find with the "egg cup" - I've never been a bar tender and I don't drink, but I knew immediately what it was (maybe it's because I like to eat boiled eggs!)

    I love your house piece - very pretty - those colors are gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful week, Edgar!

  2. I like the changes you made to August. It looks great and goes fabulously with the rest of the piece. ATS is looking good too.

  3. Beautiful stitching as always.

    The coffeecake looks yummy!

  4. Edgar -- Your cottages are looking great and I love the changes you made to August. I may have to "borrow them" especially the YELLOW! Great idea:)

  5. Good buys, great cake, wonderful stitching ... but most of all I envy you having to turn on your heater a bit : )

  6. I really like the yellow house for August and the waves look great. It looks like a sweet ocean cottage.

  7. I really love what you did with the August cottage. Yellow for the cottage is great, and the waves look great this way. Nice work on ATS too! There are so many tiny motifs in that section. Nice finds -- the Royal Whodunits looks like fun! Wish I had weather where I needed to turn the heat on for a bit. lol!

  8. Edgar I think painting your August seaside cottage yellow was genius ... perfect ... I love it!

  9. Love your cottage piece. It is coming along nicely and congrats on being ahead of schedule. From one former bartender to another, that is one great find!
    Take care!

  10. love the yellow you used on the cottage! What a lovely piece this will be!

  11. You are really coming along with your cottages and they look great. Your sample is great too.
    Thhe cake looks very yummy but this old lady is trying to cut out the sweets so no cake here.

  12. Love your cottages stitched as one piece, and your changes look great. Your coffee cake has my tummy growling - better go fix lunch!

  13. The yellow cottage looks lovely - I think all your changes are spot on. And I am really loving And They Sinned. So much so that I may have to ignore my policy of not buying any new charts, just fabric and fiber to stitch what charts I have on hand. I know there are many versions of And They Sinned. Who is the designer of yours?

  14. I love your progress on the cottages, they are so cute stitched together on one piece of linen! Love those waves in August's cottage too. Are you just loving ATS? That was one of my favorite to stitch!

  15. Edgar, I don't know how you did the August cottage so fast but it is gorgeous. I love the yellow and the way that you did the waves, absolutely perfect!! I keep telling myself that I don't want to do the cottages and then I see yours... Hugs, Louise

  16. I love the yellow cottage!! Great choice of color! And the coffee cake looks so yummy!

  17. Nice color choice on the August cottage--the yellow is a nice addition.

  18. Edgar, I think of August as Sunflower month so I love the yellow cottage. It was 95+ here this weekend so no heaters needed. I love that you like to make coffee cake 'cause I like something sweet in the morning!

  19. Beautiful cottages, Edgar!! I was just looking at the August cottage myself and thought that there was too much blue in that pattern. I love the yellow. I was deciding on possibly using yellow on the June cottage, but now I may have to rethink. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Gorgeous, love your color changes for August Cottage! Coffee cake sure looks yummy, love to have some ha ha!


  21. I love your August conversion. I really enjoy seeing the progress on ATS. It is fun to see all the little images emerge. Sounds like you had a good weekend of shopping, stitching and baking.

  22. Love your changes, Edgar! The yellow is bright and cheerful and Leo like in color. Perfect for August! ATS is coming along nicely!

  23. Your cottage piece is looking quite beautiful and i like the changes you've made also. It is going to be an awesome piece.

  24. Edgar: I love your little village it is coming along, I love the stitching you have done on AST Lovely, by the way the yummy dessert looks sooo good. Your thrift finds are wonderful and sterling silver wow what a find.
    I went thrifting on sat. and found lots of great slacks and tops all brand names I love thrift stores.


  25. I really love the cottage of the month piece you are stitching. It is coming along nicely and I love it when you post your progess on this project. I really like your blog and I drop in every few days to see what is new. Keep up the good work.
    Happy Stitching
    Becca Cohn

  26. Love the look of your cottages. They are really moving! ATS is looking lovely as well. I love watching progress on this one as you can really see all the wonderful bits in this sampler!

    Again, your photos of yummy food makes me hungry. And, now, I also want a drink, just cause I love that jigger... sterling, wow.

  27. There actually is a yellow cottage at the beach just down from our house (it is called "Yellow Cottage", they must have stayed up for hours trying to think of that one) so I think your changes are a stroke of pure genius!
    Great find on the silver jigger too

  28. I really like how you change floss colors to make a piece "yours". I can't believe you have the August cottage done already! Great job!

    I giggle every time you comment about the summers in SF. If i had to turn a heater on in July I think I'd be looking for a warmer place to live! So happy you like it though.

    Coffee cake?? Oh my...and here I sit with a cup of coffee and nothing to go with it.

  29. Don't they all look great together!! My first thought on seeing August was "another light blue". Being Indian independence month, I might try to use an orange(!) for the cottage. Hope I have enough courage to do that :)
    Again, yummy coffee cake

  30. Edgar, nice score on the silver jigger....I love the yellow cottage,,perfect choice for August.

  31. I thought your waves looked better too, I'm stealing that idea as well. I wasn't thrilled with blue house this time either. But I'm not doing mine on one piece, so I guess I didn't realize there were so many. The September house is a redish/orange (from the photo) so I think it will look perfect next to your yellow one. I bought the new DMC variations Mediterranean blue for my waves...I hope it works. I live in Michigan and last week we had 4 days over 100.....would love to just get the windows open again!

  32. I like the changes you made to your August cottage and your coffee cake looks pretty tasty too.

  33. Wunderschöne Stickerei. Die Häuser sehen toll aus.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  34. Oh wow! Your cottages are amazing all together! I think I've said this before, but they really are amazing!! I like your conversion for August! It's just how August should be!! Your ATS is coming along nicely too!!

  35. I just love the yellow cottage for August, Edgar ~ great choice!! And those waves look wonderful! Looks like it could be in Cape May, NJ!
    Great progress on the other piece as well ~ there sure are a lot of stitches in that one!
    You always find the best things and your baked goodies look so tasty!

  36. Amazing as always! The coffee cake looks great. Making the August yellow was perfect Edgar! So excited to see finished product. Have a great end of the week.

  37. Can you tell I am catching up on reading blogs!!! lol
    Please send some of that cool here to Bama. ATS is looking great.
    I have this chart in my pile of to-do one of these days... lol
    Stitching of the cottages look great. I love your color choices!!!


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