Friday, June 29, 2012

11 and a Bonus!!

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends once again I must say how very nice it is to open up the Blog and read all your kind comments!!!  Now for todays post....  I always enjoy answering questions asked and try to get back to any and all with some kind of answer - that's why I really enjoyed the "33 Questions" the other day.  Now I have 10 great questions from Riona from over at "Obliette" that I wanted to answer......

1. Do you enjoy designing projects of your own? - I have only ever designed one piece on my own and found it lots of fun.  I am not sure if I am creative enough to turn out a bunch of designs, but the single sampler was enjoyable, and who knows, I may just done more.

2. How often do you find yourself swapping out fibers: solid for overdyed, silk for cotton etc?  I almost always convert and switch colours and often switch up silk for cotton and overdyed for solid choices, I usually go for what I like instead of what is recommended.

3. Do you enjoy using "different" specialty fibers, e.g.: bamboo floss, velvets, silk ribbons, metallics and the like?  The few times I have used metallic floss I really hated it and so I shy away from any kind of specialty fiber.

4. Have you ever stitched on fabrics "outside the box," e.g. on regular sewing fabrics, burlaps, gauzes or even screening?  Not yet, but if the project called for some I would certainly not mind trying.  I always say and live by the mantra of....  "You gotta try everything at least once!!"

5. Is there any form of needlework that, try as you might, you just can't quite master?  Yes, I have tried stump work and it never looks "right" - so I just stick to what I know.

6. Are there other textiles arts on the horizon that you want to explore?  I would love to know how to quilt, but have just never taken the plunge.

7. Is it really necessary to have more than a dozen pairs of embroidery scissors?  How can you have less than a dozen with all the beautiful scissors out there???

8. What is your favorite non-framing finish?  I do love Pyn-Keepes!!

9. Do you select you vacation destinations based on the locations of needlework shops and tea shops?  What's a vacation???  No, really, when I travel, it is the destination first, but I always do research before going to see what needlework shops might be doable or in the vicinity.

10. If you could plan the very finest of stitching cruises, what would it be like?  I have never had an interest in cruising so I have no idea where to begin or what is available.

11.  How many stitching Blogs do you read daily?  Quite a handful.... upwards of 20+, if time permits.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite Needlework related Website?  Well, two I visit daily are the 123 Stitch site - I really enjoy reading the Message Board and the other is Hand Dyed Fibers - for the Stitching Forums - I usually never post on either of them but I do keep up with what others post.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks again for stopping by, have agreat weekend and do stop in again!!

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  1. Thanks for answering - I always enjoy reading your "atke" on stitching subjects.

  2. So much fun to read your answers! These things are fun!

  3. Thanks for doing these, it's fun to get to know folks better.

  4. It's great learning a little more about you! Thanks for the answers!

  5. What a great way to learn more about you. :D As for quilting, I could teach you but you would need to travel to beautiful VT.

  6. So much fun reading your answers Edgar! I'm like you and want to try my hand at quilting! I even bought a quilter's starter kit but haven't started! LOL!!!

  7. I just happened upon your site. What are pyn keepes? Thanks!