Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Flat Stanley Snaps

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends, there is really not much at all going on here!!  A typical day for me.....go to work come home - go down to the pool to relax and get some sunshine for an hour or so, fix dinner (and I didn't even do that last night... we ordered Chinese  - and had it delivered... so I didn't even have to change out of my sweat pants/shirt ensemble I was rocking!!) stitch some and go to bed ....  then it starts all over again in the morning.  I do love routine, but the Blog takes a hit with the same old boring stuff!!

I finished up "May" cottage last night, but I am not going to show it here until I make a decision to either keep the little white fence or frog it out.....  I am leaning towards the frog and just having some open lawn.  I'll get a snaperoo up in the morning.  

I thought I would show some of the pictures we got over the weekend of Flat Stanley...

Taken at Lands End looking towards the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands

Taken at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor -  "The Thinker" by Rodin

Taken at Alamo Square looking East towards downtown San Francisco

I have about 30 or so snaps from both Daytona Beach and San Francisco getting printed that I will put into a little Photo Album - then I'll get everything together and off to Australia in the morning!! This was a great project I had lots of fun getting it together!!  Thanks to Rico and Cissy!!!

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Take care,


  1. I appreciate routine too. Especially when it involves a pool, my comfy pants and stitching!

    I love reading your blog's like you're sitting right here talking to me.
    Thanks for keeping it real!

    Have a great day!

  2. It looks like Flat Stanley is enjoying his time in San Fran.

  3. I love those Flat Stanley snaps. I remember doing that with my son when he was younger. I sent him off to my sister in California (she lives in Palos Verdes) and she had Stanley riding a surf board. It looks like your Stanley is having a great time!

  4. Looks like Flat Stanley got a good tour of SF! Love all the pics.

  5. Great Flat Stanley photos!! He sure has had an amazing trip.

  6. O.K. Edgar: Mr.Flat Stanley is having way to much fun, now I would like to know if he plans on making any trips up north, I should like to meet this very interesting man.
    Hugs to you

  7. Hannah was 'friends' with Mr. Stanley years ago, waaay back when she was in 3rd grade...he visited CT, PA, VA, NY & Fla at the time, with all of his stop-overs in between. Since she is now getting ready to fly off to college, we were unpacking some of her old boxes and guess who popped out? yepper. a wrinkled, dusty & faded Mr. Stanley....good times, good times....thank you for the memory.

  8. Wow! That Flat Stanley is a very adventurous guy!! LOL...Love your photos of the city...gawd, I miss that place!

  9. Flat Stanley is living a more adventurous life than I am! There seems to be something not quite right about that : ) Lovely photos! Always enjoy reading your blog : )

  10. Flat Stanley looks like he is having a wild time! Plus his teeth look so white and clean, so you must be making sure he brushes daily :)
    Looking forward to see how your May Cottage turns out, fence or no fence!

  11. Even Flat Stanley gets around more than Lumpy Marly.

  12. A fun sight seeing tour he had.