Monday, June 25, 2012

A Monday Morning Posting

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends thanks for stopping by and a great good morning!!!!  It is a brisk 56 degrees outside with a nice breeze - I love SF in the summer!!!!  Over the weekend we really beautiful days -  not warm at all but bright and sunny both days.  We were to have some rain but that fizzeled out - the most mositure we got was some fog rolling in Friday evening - and then not too much.

As you might remember I am taking part in a year long exchange with a small group of stitchers over at "Friends Stitching Through the Seasons" and my partner, Diane received her Summer box safely.  Here is a snap of the exchnage I sent...

and here is a close up of the stitched piece....

I used the Farmer's Alphabet from Priaire Schooler to create this Pyn Keepe - It was a fun piece to stitch but for Summer I had a hard time thinking up something... now, with Fall approaching I have some super ideas!!!

On Saturday I ran around to some Estate Sales and a couple of Thrift/Consignment Shops and picked up some fun things...  here's a snap

From front left to right....  a little plate in my Mom's wedding china - Castleton "Lace" - this has been out of production for 45+ years and what on earth you would use this tiny plate for is beyond me, I picked up these great Limoges pieces (covered vegetable and tureen) not beacuse I need them, or even have the room but because they were 1/2 price - from the marks on the bottom they date to the 1880's and are in super condition, the Native Harvest's cookbook is really interesting and finally the great old maple rolling pin, perfect condition and a lovely old worn colour!!

On the stitching front I worked some on cottages - so here is a progress snap...

...... as you can see I am almost there with June - what a great month.  I tried a couple of other "whites" for the house but settled on the DMC B5200 I have been using as my white throughout.  I also frogged out the fence in March (like it much better).  I will certainly have June finished before the end of the month and get a good start on July.  I have seen a picture of August Cottage, and I am sort of put out with it being another light blue cottage, that will make three and the way I am stitching them August will line up with May - I am thinking of seriously changing up the light blue for another colour.

I also baked up this tasty Lemon Coffee Cake yesterday......

I post up that info tomorrow.

That's about it for today sports fans.  Thank you all for your great comments and emails.
Take care,


  1. Your exchange piece was inspired! She got lots of goodies. Love the cottages - could you go with a purple? And that cake - yummy. I need to make another one of your coffee cakes!

  2. The exchange goodies are FAB! I can't wait to get your recipe. :)

  3. Happy Monday,

    I always love your estate sale finds--such goodies. The tiny plate might be a butter pat, without knowing the exact size I can't be too sure, but you wondered what purpose small plates served (pardon the china humor).Plates between 3 and 5 inches could be either butter pats or samples, depending on the manufacturer, date, or origin. (I collect butter pats, among other kinds of china, when I'm not stitching.)

  4. I am so envious of your SF weather -- sounds heavenly! Love the exchange you made -- it's just gorgeous, the stitched piece! That rolling pin is to die for!! I love wooden things. lol! And your cottages -- so pretty! The cake looks delicious as always too. You always get me with frosting. lol!

  5. 56 degrees! That sounds like heaven to me : ) That coffee cake looks like heaven too ... anything made with lemons is heavenly : ) You sent Diane a beautiful package! The stitching you did is fabulous! Great buys at the estate sales : )

  6. I love the pinkeep you created for Diane! Super job.
    Fun estate sale finds - now we want to see where you store/display all those pieces you find! Come on. We're curious!
    I would change the color of the cottage as well. Not sure I'd like two blues in a row. I'm sure you'll figure it out and it'll be grand!

  7. Your exchange pinkeep looks wonderful.

  8. Your pinkeep is perfect Edgar. I know that Diane just loved it.

    Wonderful estate finds too. I haven't been to any for a while and I feel like I've been going through withdrawals.

    Hope you have a great week!

  9. What a great exchange package. The pinkeep is really sweet. Your houses are looking so good, but I can see why you'd want to change the color for the August house...too much light blue right there together. I sure wish I could smell your lemon cake, so yummy looking!

  10. Great exchange you sent to Diane and yours should have been there saturday or today at the latest. :) and the cake looks yummy!

  11. I could go for some weather in the 50's. We'll be 100+ again today...WITH high humidity. Yuk!

    What a great exchange package for Diane! I love the PS pinkeep.

  12. ooo lovely exchange you did and great finds .... that wee plate would be great for mouse sized pieces of cake hahahahah
    well done on the cottages and haven't seen the next one yet sooo can't help you there ... have a great week :) love mouse xxxx

  13. Edgar: Your pyn keep is adorable, and peach tea yummy.
    Your stitching is coming along wonderful, I like march without the fence myself.
    The cake looks real yummy.

  14. lovely exchange piece Edgar, lovely idea for the pyn keep
    Oh I love your cottages, I have only stitched Januarys, I do love the March one without the fence too, it is a shame that August is pale blue again, look forward to seeing what colour you decide on

  15. Diane was very lucky to receive such great gifts. I love the rose pattern on the vegetable dish and the tureen. Your cottages are beautiful and I'm sure you will figure out another color for the August cottage that will fit right in. The cake looks delicious.

  16. You stitched up a super gift for your exchange parcel to Diane.
    A nice rich lemon coloured cottage might look nice under the Msy blue?

  17. The gifts you sent Diane were great. I loved the stitching!! Great finds also. In general, it looks like you had a super week-end!

  18. Edgar, I am always amazed at the goodies that you send people, the wonderful "finds" that you find out and about... and then there is always something good to eat! Oh my goodness... that lemon coffee cake looks delicious. Please have a slice for me.
    Hugs Louise

  19. Hello Dear Edgar! What a MOST wonderful box you sent Diane! I know she is just thrilled to death. Having been on the receiving end of your beautiful stitching in the past, I know she will love the pyn keep. It's just adorable, and so creative!

    I would give ANYTHING for five minutes of your lovely weather. It was 104 here today, with no rain in sight and high high humidity. I'm melting, I'm melting (think the witch in Wizard of Oz here!).

    You DO find the most awesome treasures when you are hunting about. I just love the old cookbook. How fun!

    Sending you hugs and pats...and hope you are well. xoxo

  20. What a wonderful exchange gift, the pinkeep is fabulous. Great finds as well. I wonder if the teeny tiny plate was meant for butter curls or something like that. Maybe you could stand a small candle on it?

  21. Wonderful. Exchange piece and estate sale goodies! Love that rolling pin! I have my grandmother's and love using it!
    Your cottages look sweet. I was surprised to see another blue cottage as well. Ant ideas of what color you might use? Yellow might be a good one for August.
    Oh gosh ~ I want a piece of that cake now with my Chai tea!! I love lemon!

  22. gee Edgar! so many treats in just one post!! :D
    I'm happy for Diane, she's really lucky to have been partnered with you! :D

  23. Wow, Edgar, you've been busy. The cottages look great (and so does the coffee cake. Yum!!!), and you're very close to being finished with June. Great job!! Some nice finds there too. Your exchange is nice too. I love the little alphabet you used. It's wonderful, and makes me want to go out and harvest my brother's veggies, lol. Hope you have a great week this week!!!

  24. Wonderful exchange piece! I haven't seen this one stitched up before now and I really like the looks of it. Lovely work on your June cottage too!
    I will definitely be checking out the recipe for that lemon cake. I love anything lemon!