Friday, June 22, 2012

33 Questions

Gentle Readers and Dear Friends I wanted to take a minute and thank you for you kind comments about yesterday post.  I usually don't use my Blog to pontificate about an issue, but I just couldn't let that go - so once again thank you for your patience!!

I was tagged by Tam over at "I Want to do One More Stitch"  with the "11 Question Game" that is going around the Blog's.  I tied to come up with a list of bloggers that I thought would like to play along but so many have been tagged at this point that - instead of passing on the Game - I will answer not only the 11 Questions for me but also the two sets of Questions she was tagged with.....  I hope enjoy learning just a bit more about me and my nuttiness!!!

Questions from Tam - 

1) Favorite pattern ever stitched - show a snap -  I have so many, but one of my favorites would have to be CHS Alphabet - 

2) Favorite Junk food to have while stitching? I don't eat at all while I am stitching, I always have something to drink - tea, coffee, Gatorade, but never any food near my stitching.

3) Your Favorite Blog to Visit? - There are way to many to name.

4) Do you leave comments on Blogs?  I do if I have something to say, usually I am so far behind in reading them that I am constantly playing catch up.

5) Do you reply to your comments on your Blog?  When I can I try to - especially if there is a question in the comment.  It is hard if the comment is a "no-reply" type then I have to leave the commenter just hanging, but I try.

6) Your favorite thread to work with?  Hands down Belle Soie - love the feel, love the colours - just love the stuff - but any over dyed floss I think is great just for the variation in colour you can achieve.

7) Do I know a male stitcher?  Not personally - I know of a few - like 3 - I am sure there are more out there.

8) What is the biggest stitched piece you have stitched?  That would be a toss up between Village at HRH or Shores at HRH - just the amount of stitching they take make them are large pieces.

9) What is the furthest away you have travelled to go to a stitching store, what was it called?  I have never purposely travelled a distance to get to a stitching store, but when I travel I always try and find a store...  One that I visited when in Florida in December was Brick City Cross Stitch.

10) Favorite tool to use when stitching?  Would have to be my Ott Light

11) Do I like stitching for others or for yourself and why?  It depends on what and who - I do enjoy stitching things for those that appreciate the time and effort it takes..

Now, questions from Trina - 

1) Why do you love stitching?  It's creative, to a point, and it keeps me off the streets!!

2) Do you have a favorite genre/type of pattern that you like to do?  I do love doing samplers.

3) Have you ever had to re-stitch a pattern?  No, but I have restitched something I liked or thought someone else would like.

4) How often do you try to stitch a week?  I stitch every day, it is rare when I don't do a little stitching every evening.

5) What DMC colours do I lean towards?  The more dull earth tones seem to pop up most often.

6) How did I come to stitch?  Although my Mom stitched as did my Granny.... in college I had a roommate, Louann, and she taught me how to stitch.

7) Do I have favorite stores to buy stitching from?  My LNS Needle in a Haystack, but I also like Needlecraft Corner and 123 Stitch, for online stuff.

8) Do I have a favorite designer?  I like quite a few, but the top three would be - Prairie Schooler, Blackbird Designs and Heartstring Sampler.

9) Do I have a stitching Blog?  Yes

10) Have I read fictional books about stitching?  No

11) How many times a week would I say I visit other stitchers Blogs?  I try an read some every day.  I do not touch the computer over the weekends - Only M-F.

and now some questions from Janye -

1) How do I feel about blended threads as in T Wentzler's projects?  I like using a single piece of floss on high count linen - so I guess I don't care for them.

2) Do I launder my projects before framing?  No, never.  I use way to much over dyed floss to take a chance.  I keep my hands clean and the area I work in spotless so there is not a problem of getting my stitching dirty.

3) How do I feel about the lack of colour fast in all the flosses now?  It really is of no concern - I like the colour choices of over dyed and the overall look of the stuff.  I try to be really careful and have had no problems thus far - knock on wood!!

4) When you begin a project with a black and white chart how do you choose which symbol to begin with?  I usually start in the upper left hand corner regardless of the symbol.

5) Do I do my own framing?  I have done lots of my own framing, but some pieces are just not a standard size - so those have to be professional framed.

6) Do I choose my own mats and molding or let someone else tell me what I would like?  I always choose my own moldings and they way a piece will be framed.

7) Pins or lace?  Pins

8) Do I have any wall space for a new project?  There is always room for a new piece to go up on the wall.

9) Have I ever gifted a finished piece right off the wall because someone really liked it?  No

10) Would I stitch it again for myself?  No

11) Do I have a group of friends whom I share the love of stitching with on a regular basis?  Yes, all my Blog Buddies!!!  It's what keeps me coming back to mu Blog!!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning just a bit more about me. 
 Thanks for stopping by, do stop again!!  Have a great weekend!!

Take care,


  1. I really enjoy reading these kinds of posts. It's so interesting to see the similarities and differences between all of us stitchers. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  2. I enjoyed learning a bit more about you Edgar : ) Have a great weekend!

  3. You handled this very well, I look forward to reading your blog every day.

  4. I really like this idea I hope you donot mind but I would like to post your questions on my blog with my own answers, this is such a great idea, Thank-you to I Want To Do One More Stitch and to you Edgar.
    The CHS Alphabet is georgous.

  5. LOL, loved reading your 33 questions about Edgar...feel like we're stitchin' soul mates :o)

  6. Hey Edgar, fun blog post!

  7. Great post to end the week! Have a wonderful stitchy weekend.

  8. It's always nice to read the back-story on all my blogging/stitching friends and these stitching questions do tend to draw out some interesting information. I just got tagged myself and will be coming up with a few questions of my own. I am wishing you hadn't already been tagged so I could ask you "my" questions!

  9. Wow, that's a lot of questions to answer! Very interesting to read through too. And I love seeing your CHS alphabets again too. Fun post!

  10. ohhh loved reading your questions answers ... I've got tagged loads of times and would be there for a week answering everything
    sooo sorry to hear about the guide dog saga ... we don't have a lot of problem here with them as they are accepted every where .. we have a lot of them out training around where I live with the puppy walkers too :)
    love mouse xxxx

  11. I really enjoyed knowing more of your ideas! Like you , all my needlework buddies are on blogs.

  12. It was really fun reading all of your answers! Thanks for taking the time to do 33 :)

  13. Great post of answers!
    Now, I love you even still my heart :)

  14. This was a fun post. I like hearing about what stitchers like. You had a lot of questions to answer!!

  15. I totally stole all 33 questions and answered them on my blog.

  16. A fun & informative post plus a chance to see CHS Alphabet again!

  17. How great to find out more about you Edgar....wonderful!! Have a great weekend xx

  18. wow that was a lot of questions to answer but thanks for playing!