Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend happenings.....

Even though this was Oscar weekend I chose not to watch them....for many reasons... the most glaring is that the movies being "honored" I really had not seen as they held no interest for me in either subject, production or direction. I did Watch about 10 mins to see if Tilda Swinton would win the Best Supporting Actress and she did, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
She won it for her performance in "Michael Clayton."
I did not see that particular movie, nor will I, but for her body of work which is stupendous,
I think she has deserved an Oscar for a very long time, very overdue!!!!!!

I did see four movies - "Midway" - 1976, "Big Hand for a Little Lady" - 1966, "Strike up the Band" - 1940 and "Going My Way" - 1944. "Midway" is a very good ensemble movie with lots of big names in some very small rolls. The best thing about this picture is that it cuts original film footage from the battle and from WWII into the picture which enhances the feel of the entire picture. A lesser point of the movie is the silly back story for a couple of the characters. "BHfaLL" is a great film of Joanne Woodwards with quite a twist on the end. "SutB" - is one of the Judy/Micky films and is typically fun and musically lite. The 1944 release of "GMW" won Best Oscar for Bing Crosby and Best Supporting Actor for Bary Fitzgerald and a movie I thought I had seen but after getting into it I realized I hadn't.

I worked on a test for the upcoming QFRR just to see what one over two and two over two would look like - here is a snap -

I also started back on "Forgiveness" - here is a snap -

I went back to "Forgiveness" because I had finished "Quaker Christmas" happy dance -
here is a snap -

I am really happy with the way this turned out!!!! I did make some changes to the pattern where I though it made more sense or I liked it better, I did it may way! It was a really nice stitching project and I would recommend it to anyone.
I usually don't keep up with starts and finishes but for this one I actually did -

Quaker Christmas - ByGone Stitches 11/12 - 2/23
28 ct Flax - reccomended Crescent Colours, Blasam Fir, Cupid and Ye Old Gold

I also took some snaps of the spring flowers on our balcony - Rico has such a green thumb, the only three things I can keep alive are a ficus tree, a Christmas cactus and a Jade plant. But here are the spring snaps -

and some daffodils -

I did take these in the late afternoon/early evening but from these pictures you would think it was the middle of the night it is so dark....

That's about it for today. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Take care,


  1. The project you just finished is BEAUTIFUL!!! What sort of frame will you choose? Are you keeping it or giving it as a gift?

  2. Quaker Christmas - wow - you really did yourself proud here - I love it. And if it is a gift how can you bear to give it away? Can't wait to see what frame you choose!

    The Spring flowers are so pretty.

  3. Yay! Happy dance, happy dance! I knew it'd happen this weekend. Looks beautiful, Edgar. So do your flowers.

  4. Congratulations with your spectacular finish!

    I like the one-over-two sample ... reminds me of my Quaker sampler. ;)

    Rico's green thumb is enviable!!

  5. Wow, that Quaker Christmas is gorgeous. What a beautiful pattern (even if I like the heart tree motif best). I popped in and out of the Oscars. Some friends and I do a deconstruction of the dresses and suits, so I thought I should see some of them live, rather than just stills.

    Midway is one of my husband's favorite movies. He's very fond of WWII movies. We just watched Bridge on the River Kwai (Best Picture).

  6. WOW! Quaker Christmas is beautiful! And you finished it so quickly. :-)

  7. WHOOT!!! I'm doing the slam dunk shuffle for you!! That Quaker Christmas is so pretty Edgar! Hurray!!!
    And Rico's flowers are just I look out at dead, icy grass...LOL! :)

  8. Oh, you finished QC!!!! How did this happen? Surely you only started this huge project only two weeks ago, or something? What's your next project?

    I don't know if you want to know, but I prefer the look of two over two...

    Gorgeous flowers. The pics may be dark but the flowers are sunny!

  9. Wow Edgar it's beautiful! You stitched that fast! I'm inspired to get back to mine!! Congrats on a great finish!! :)

  10. Wow, Edgar, I'm so impressed that you stitched QC in only 3 months! And that's with everything else that you've done! Great job. The flowers are just gorgeous...compliments to Rico! Looks like spring has arrived!

  11. Congratulations on your Quaker Christmas happy dance - you've earned it, it's gorgeous!!

  12. Your Quaker Christmas looks fantastic! I have enjoyed watching your progress in the couple of weeks since I discovered your blog.

  13. Congratulations on finishing Quaker Christmas. It is just stunning. I admire your perserverance on this one. Such a big piece and stitched is so little time. Nice job ;)

  14. Oh Edgar! A Quaker Christmas came out stunning! Congratulations! YOu did it so quickly :-)

  15. Hi! You're Quaker Christmas is exquisite! Just beautiful work, thank you for posting it! And the newer posts/projects you are working on are lovely! Very inspiring to see your hard work!

    Also... have you thought of making something like what this girl made to keep your linen up and out of the way? I had my mom make one for me (she's much craftier on the sewing machine than I, plus she has scads more fabric), and we called it a Q-snap bra, but I think this girl calls them "Q-snap huggers"... it was simple to make and it workes well to roll up your linen and protect it while working.

    Anyway, thanks for posting your beautiful projects Edgar... just lovely work! I'm inspired! :)

  16. oops... to see the Qsnap hugger, look here or even here :)...

    take care! :)