Thursday, February 14, 2008

31 Days of Oscar continues & Happy Valentines Day!!!

TCM continues with 31 Days of Oscar!!!! Once again it was movie night focusing on the 1950's - Starting off with "Houseboat", 1958 - Sophia Loren and Cary Grant. Miss Loren is another on of those movie divas that the camera just loves!! Just watching her move across the screen is beautiful!!! The movie itself is a very lite comedy but entertaining. This was followed by
"The Quiet Man", 1952 another John Ford Directed masterpiece and the always magnificent Maureen O'Hara!! Then it was "Roman Holiday", 1953 - whats not to like about this Audrey Hepburn Gregory Peck classic lovely flick... finishing up with "The Mating Season" 1951 with Thelma Ritter and Miriam Hopkins chewing up the screen and Gene Tierney.
Tonight the movie focus is on the 1960's with....
"Hello Dolly" - 1969, "Funny Girl" - 1968 and "My Fair Lady" - 1964.
Guess what I'll be doing tonight... :)

I did get to work on QC and here is a progress snap -

As you can see I did a doo-dad a tree and started on the large medallion on the side - I was just to distracted by the movies - I am really enjoying this piece and have ordered the new one by ByGone Stitches called Quaker Vrtues

I really like the interesting shape. The model is done 2 over 2 on 28 ct. I think I want to try to do this 1 over 1. I also may change the colour as this is all blue and even though I really like blue..... - I think I may try some really interesting silk from HDF....... that decision is far off!!!

Now I need to say that I have been using a Q-snap for the last few weeks and think I will not go back to my hoop except when I travel. In the HFF RR that I am in one of the participants requested that we use a Q-snap when working on her piece. So I bought one and used it ( it took me a while to get the hang of it)...... now I use it all the time and really love that thing. The fabric is held really tight and doesn't slip like with a hoop. I am a true convert I guess... Now I need to get another larger size.


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  1. Happy Valentines to you too.

    What's a 'doo-dad'? QC is so gorgeous - I really must look to kitting that up!

    Q-snaps are great and when you get the bigger size you can also mix-n-match - 2 short sides and 2 longer sides! And if they get a bit loose just use white kitchen tissue between snaps and fabric to tighten.

    Quaker Virtures?? I have enough to keep me going until I am a 100 - do I really need another? Guess the answer is yes! lol

  2. If you'd rather read P&P than watch any of the adaptations, I will indeed have to forgive you for loving LO and GG. As for Miss Loren, I once sat in a seat she had vacated seconds before. We had a grad class in the English department conference room where she and Carlo Ponti had come to discuss their son's switch to an English major (from cinema). So many brushes with greatness!

  3. You are a Q-snap convert...aren't they great?! I used felt under the grippers to protect stitches/fabric and it *really* holds the fabric tight when you use the felt! Just a FYI for you to try sometime :)

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Edgar :) :)

    QC is looking wonderful :) :) :)

    hugs :)

  5. Ah, you're a convert too! I must admit I wrote some horrible things aout any sort of stitching that was not done in hand, but since trying a Q-snap for larger pieces, I'm hooked. Or should I say snapped?

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Love my Q Snap, I'm gonna ask for the frame Vonna has for my birthday!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day!

    I love Q-snaps too and have them in every size available. I may have to use the Felt trick Vonna mentioned as I do sometimes worry about the stitches.

  8. Though I'm not a huge Quaker fan, I also really like that new design.

  9. Love that motif on the side you're working on!

  10. Q-snaps are the best! I love mine, all 8 or so of them. LOL I really do have about that many. OY!

    Great stitching on the Quakers. I have just been converted into a quaker stitcher myself this past year. I don't know why, but they are just calling to me now. I have just recently started on Cirque de Triangles on 36ct heritage in chinese red from NPI silks.

    Happy Valentine's Day! Karen