Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring has Sprung, WWII Movies and QC

I have noticed over the past week or so that all around me San Francisco has begun to pop into colour again. The city street are lined with trees and many of them flower in the spring. When I got off the bus yesterday to walk up my hill (or I should say 2 hills) I thought it would be nice to snap some of the colour. I had this idea after reading Valerie's blog the other day about her adventures in North Bay and the snaps of the city I thought I hadn't done that in a while so here are a few snaps -

and here is a close up -

and I turned around and shot this tree across the street from the pink trees -

All this at my bus stop at 26th and Castro.

Last night TCM was all about WWII and movies from the 1960's - so I got home to see the end of "King Rat" 1965 - a movie I had not seen before but need to find out if it comes on DVD so I can rent it as it seemed very good. This was followed by "The Dirty Dozen" 1967 - a movie I have seen numerous times and always enjoy it. I missed most of it as we had to go to Safeway on the weekly grocery trek!! Got back in time to see the the final action of the movie. The last movie of the evening was "The Great Escape" 1963. This is a movie that I also had not seen before and really enjoyed.

I also worked on QC and can feel the end approaching......
here is a progress of last evenings stitching....

Only a couple of medallions left - I may even finish it this weekend!!
Then it is on to "Forgiveness."

If you read back through the comments from yesterday Kathryn explained how she approaches eBay. Her way of buying/bidding is identical to the way I do things. I set my price and almost 95/98% of the time throw the bid into eSnipe and walk away. I figure I will either win or loose, but I will not be caught up in a bidding war and spend too much on a thing. I won't say that I haven't paid too much for something but those somethings are few and far between.
Two things come to mind and both pieces are silver......
both I had not seen before and both I have not seen since.
That has been at least 6 years ago for one thing and over 8 for the other, so I never say never.

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  1. All those Cherry Blossoms are soooo pretty! I can't wait to see the magnolia trees in my neighborhood start to flower. But what is with this rain? Rain, rain...go away! :)

  2. The films sound great. Heard of them but never seen. I lovde ethe blossom at this time of year, well for us it is a couple of months away yet till we see blossom. Loving the quaker.

  3. QC is looking awesome, Edgar :) You are just sailing along on it :)
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Ha, ha, ha! I've probably paid too much at times, but then again it is what it is worth TO US.

    My husband collects tikis. For Christmas I saw two limited edition SHAG tikis from Japan and was determined to have them. I overbid a LOT (and sniped), because I was determined to get them. As it turns out it didn't cost me as much as half my bid, but I was really willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get something unique for my husband. Then again I bid on a handmade doll from Spain only to see it go for hundreds more dollars than I was willing to pay. And I haven't seen another doll from that maker in the past six months. Would I bid a lot on the next one? Only time will tell.

  5. I'm following your QC since you started it and I enjoy every pic of it. It's still on my wishlist...
    You're really close to finish it! I'm sure you manage that this weekend.

  6. That cherry blossom is magnificent.

    The Great Escape - is that the Steve McQueen movie where he jumps a fence on a motorcycle? Wow he is so gorgeous in that move! He did all his own stunts too. I have just checked the dvd database and I've got it - now I shall have to watch it again.

    QC nearly done - you have had smokin' needles with this one Edgar. It's gorgeous.

  7. Love those flowers but I really love those houses too!

  8. Oh, how lovely....Trees flowering...and as I sit here and look out my window it is nothing but a frozen sheet of ice....

  9. Thanks for the pictures of Spring...we so need it over on this side of the country!

  10. Lovely photos and great progress. (The Ladykillers was on tv the other night, the Coen Brothers version - what were they thinking? ;) I turned that off and put on the original, gotta love Ealing Studios!)

    Love your blog, sorry can't comment as often as I'd like.