Friday, February 15, 2008

Floss Toss - New Blog - and seeing Red

Well I had a great mail day yesterday in that the silk that I had ordered from Vicki Clayton arrived. Now I can finally make a decision about what I want use in the QFRR . I took some pictures of the silks on different linens that I want to use - the pictures bite - so do not expect too much - there was way too much light as I was working this out in the daylight and not the middle of the night when I usually do these kinds of things.

Here is the first snap -

This is a piece of fabric that I do not know the name to - it has a slight red splotchy cast - the silks on it are - (from top to bottom) Grasses, Imperialosity, OMOT Vinyard and Wood Louse.

The Next snap -

The fabric is Summer Khaki - the floss' are (from top to bottom) Baneberry, Kindling, Kodiakery, Country Road, Salty Sea and OMOT Sea.

The last choice is -

The fabric is from Silkweaver called Solo - (From top to Bottom) Pelly Fog, Raisin Wine, Moon Called the Sea, Flannel Dark and Hearthstone.

Now, with that multitude of choice I am really leaning to the Kahki with Baneberry. I have been wanting to use Baneberry in something for the longest time.... Any thoughts???? I think I may use Raisin Wine or OMOFT Vineyard for Hanah Beeby or even Flannel Dark. But then again I really like Moon Called the Sea.....

I have set up the Blog for the RR where we can all post and keep up with where are - it is called "Quaker Freinship RR - 2008." I have also sent out invites to everyone and have posted our blogs there. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

I worked on QC and started to add some of the colour. That cupid red is really bright -
Here is a progress snap -

The snaps of this piece make it look so dark - I take them at the end of the evening and the lighting is not very good - this is really not as dark as it looks here.

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Have a great weekend,
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  1. All of the fiber colors are beautiful--you couldn't go wrong with any of them! I'm partial to the khaki linen, and baneberry would look awesome! Looking forward to seeing your progress. You're almost there with QC--looks great.

  2. I like the khaki fabric too and baneberry silk looks really good with it but ... you are asking me? She who cannot make up her mind about what to use herself!! lol I am going to stitch tests now to see if that can help me make up my mind.

    Not received invite email re the QFRR blog but I've been to visit and it looks just great.

    QC is as fantastic as ever - the cupid red really pops,

  3. I've been away for a week and you've been VERY busy. I love the khaki and Baneberry. Your QC is gorgeous ;)

  4. Gorgeous colours. As to the fabric: Khaki for me. My fave floss in the pictures is definitely Salty Sea :o)

  5. I like the khaki and I like country road. I have used this one in my patchwork and like it a lot. QC looks stunning. xx

  6. Trying to take pictures in the evening is a chore, isn't it? ;)

  7. Good luck with your decision! I couldnt possibly decide from a photo, its hard enough when its right there in front of you! Cant wait to see what you chose anyway and i'll enjoy following the blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I've got my linen, but Jacob has borrowed my camera again while he and his buddies make a new YouTube movie! I really need to put it up on my blog so you can see! They did a great job of it!
    I'll post a picture tomorrow!
    See ya!

  9. Edgar,
    I'm doubting the linen size I got, I bought a piece of 32 count light khaki 18 by 18, is this gonna be big enough?

  10. The Summer Khaki looks great with the Baneberry. And do love Kindling - works well with many color schemes.

  11. All the choices are beautiful, I really don't think you can go wrong with any of them. I love the top fabric without a name, it looks like it would be nice to stitch on.

    But if you really want to stitch with the baneberry that's what I would do.

  12. Wow, the colors are just great. Thanks for sharing!