Tuesday, October 9, 2007

VOHRH and another birthday present

Last night I worked in rotation on VOHRH and here is a snap of where I am now.

I also wanted to show that I went with the floss-s-way system for the silk. I am really liking this way as everything is in numeric order and it is so easy to find and far fewer tangles.

I also had waiting on my doorstep another birthday present from a dear friend in Florida. She and I have been friends since High School and she is just the bestest!!! What she sent me was a Yankee Candle Scentstories player and a disc of scents called Give Thanks. Here is a snap.

I have seen these before and thought what a great idea. You put the disc in the player and as it plays it goes through 5 different scents for your house. I think these discs last well into the 50 hour time range and there are lots of different choices out there. Nancy really knows how I like Yankee Candles and I know how she does also so we tend to swap them at giving occasions. My all time favorite candle has got to be sheer Gardenia. In fact if asked what my favorite flower is it would have to be Gardenia. It always reminds me of my mom and grandmother as do magnolia, lily of the valley, tube roses.....
there seems to be a theme of smelly white flowers here doesn't there!! :)

Our friend from Bodega Bay brought some more produce, this time it is some luscious pears from her garden. They are a wonderful fall fruit and here is a snap.

Thats about it for today, back to the grind. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. To me, pears mean cheese. We had pears, apples, grapes, and cheese (and wine) for dinner two nights ago. Delicious!

    Yes, I LOVE the Floss*A*Way system. I am so grateful to the stitchers in Ohio who made me buy my first packs at Twisted Sister in Madeira.

  2. Mmm, those pears look yummy. Like Kathryn, I love pears with cheese, especially a nice blue cheese or Cambazola.

    Village is looking wonderful, and I'm feeling so guilty I haven't even started my second block this month.