Friday, October 26, 2007

A Visit to Needle in a Haystack..... and stash

After work I ran over to Alameda and to the Urban Forest to pick up the framed pieces that were finished. I will show a picture after Christmas as both pieces are presents.

After picking these things up I went across the street to visit Needle in a Haystack my LNS. As always both Mary and Debi so helpful. I picked up some stash and some surprises/ presents. Here is a shot of the stash.

The Sarah Spence needleprint is just gorgeous, and I know if I don't get it now I will have to get it off of eBay for some exorbitant price at a later date. The Blue Ribbon pattern is another beautiful holiday piece and the LD Scarlet Ribands is a Quaker inspired chart that I could not do without!! I am just nuts for these Quaker pieces!!! I also got the linen for A Quaker Christmas (picture on 10/16 post) so I can start that as soon as the Balsam Fir floss arrives from Drema.

I also got a visit from the postman...and some stash from eBay auctions, it was a very good day for stash!! Here is a shot....

I have lots of the Prairie Schooler Patterns and these will go into that collection. The two Prairie Grove charts are nice seasonal pieces that I will probably work on next year as right now I have a pretty full plate of projects. The Elizabeth Shepard chart is one I did not have and being in the Quaker fashion I certainly needed it....didn't I??? :)

I have also been tagged by sweet Donna to reveal 7 things/details about myself. Now what on earth could I reveal that is not or has not been babbled about here??? I will try:

1) Before I moved to SF I was the Curator of Museum Education at the Appleton Museum of Art.

2) I went to school at East Carolina University and I was a third generation legacy, GO PIRATES!!!

3) I really hate the beach/ocean, I do not mind looking at it or driving on it, but I do not want to get in it or touch it.

4) In 1977 my father retired and moved us all to Ormond Beach, Florida.

5) I would rather stay home quiet with my family than go out to a loud nightclub or restaurant.

6) I really hate it when people driving do not use signals when changing lanes!

7) Every time I have been to England I have visited my favorite place, Salisbury Cathedral. That is the same with Paris, I visit the Sainte-Chapelle.

That wraps up another week!!! Have a great weekend, and THANKS for dropping by I really appreciate it!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Just when I think that our stitching priorities couldn't be more different you pick up some gorgeous patterns from designers that I have (or will have). I don't like Quaker samplers or monochrome stitching projects, but I do have a Blue Ribbon Pattern (Postcards from Paradise) and one from Prairie Schooler (All You Can Eat, love the colors). I also really, really want a pattern from Long Dog Designs (Time and Tide or Beautie Spotte, how often do you get to stitch a dodo?) I even thought about joining the Snowbirds SAL where they are working on Long Dog Designs' Paradigm Lost.

    Sante Chapelle is also my favorite place in Paris. And I want to shoot people who don't use turn signals. Did you ever see the bumper sticker, "Jesus Would Have Used His Turn Signal"? I'm not Christian, but I considered buying it. Even though we live in Maui, I don't spend much time at the beach. I like looking at the ocean and can swim just fine, but given a choice of swimming or stitching -- I'm stitching!

  2. You've really been around to all the shops in the last couple of days, Edgar!! Even with the pricing frustrations, it's still nice to see all the possibilities and let your imagination run wild - just think of being able to stitch half of what you'd like to! Lol!

  3. What great charts to add to your stash! I love the PS winter sampler!

  4. Thank you dear Edgar for leaving such a sweet comment for my sweet princess on my blog. She's doing much better with her owie.

    And I must say....your recent shopping and purchases are treats for the eyes! You've got a lot of super great things here! And I must admit....that your bit about buying it before it is out of print and is big bucks on ebay...I use that line all the time to plead my case with my husband! LOL!!!!!
    have a great weekend!

  5. Just catching up on your blog after a busy week. Great stash!
    Enjoye reading your 7 facts too.
    Hope you're having a good weekend :)

  6. You have lead a very interesting life! I love your stockings, and I don't blame you - I would have someone else sew them together if I had put that much work into them! And I've been sewing for over 40 years!! Boy! Am I old!! I'm afraid I wouldn't pay almost $6.00 for thread! Does it have gold entwined in it? Have a great day!