Monday, August 11, 2008

A Busy little weekend -

Where to start - it seems that we were really busy - I had some errands to run on Saturday so it was out of the house and over to Eddies for breakfast - this is a Diner that is across town over by Alamo Square that we really like -

It is at the corner on Fulton and Divisedaro, one block down from Alamo Square - (they really only do Breakfast and lunch and close around 5 ish ) - it is family run and they pretty much do what they want - but it is a great and inexpensive eatery!! Then is was out to the Richmond to "The New World " grocery - an eastern European store that carries things you just cant get anywhere else. From there is was over to Japantown - and we ran into the 35th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair. It was early when we got there so not very crowded.

There were these gigantic balloon sculptures on the light polls that were really interesting -
Here is a shot of the fair when we got there -

We were going shopping and inside the mall were these wish trees -

We read some of them and this one caught my attention -

I thought it was pretty funny!!

Here is a snap of a pretty Geisha

Beautiful Rico-san!!

From there we ran over to the Monthly Strybing Arboretum Plant sale in Golden gate park -

On the main lawn were a flock of geese just grazing away on what looked like clover -

We weren't ready to go home so we trotted over to a gorgeous church called St Ignatius -

Then across the street is a charming Carmelite Chapel of Cristo Rey (there are interior snaps if you click the blue Carmelite Chapel)-

There were a bunch of movies also but I have gone on way too much.....
here are two stitchy things I worked on this weekend -

Donna's QFRR is now ready for mailing to Rowyn - and some more on VoHRH

There you go a quick overview of the weekend - But is was great weather in the high 60's low 70's and foggy Saturday and then yesterday very clear and in the upper 70's and really breezy -

Thanks for stopping by!!

take care,


  1. A great post Edgar with lovely photos. The Geisha is indeed very pretty!

    Donna's RR looks beautiful - it's kinda sad about ours but let's not dwell on their loss. I am thinking of fabric and floss for another start.

  2. What a fun weekend! And all your stitching is lovely!

  3. Edgar,

    What a fun trip around town this weekend.. I just love travelogues! Eddie's open all day means open til 5, eh? :)

    I think I've missed reading details on how some of the Quaker RRs got lost. uh oh. But Donna's is looking great, and I am happy to see there is now a hill in the village once again. :)

  4. What a great weekend! Rico makes such a cute Geisha! That wish you spotted is a riot...poor guy!

  5. What a fun weekend! I have a neat street sign post on my corner that may just see some "decorating!" I howled over the wish from the wishtree - what a hoot!

  6. still don't like crowds eh? lol

    what a great weekend! Love all the pictures .. and OMG, the wish on the wish tree is priceless!

    I'm really sorry to hear another RR when bad :(

    Ricco is stunning *grin*

  7. St Ignatius...the gorgeous church that sits on the grounds of the college I went to. You made a little pass by my alma mater. It truly is a magnificent church...inside and out.

  8. I am sad ... I will not answer questions and I do ... and that is terrible ayy .. I decide ... bye

  9. Ultimo intento, Estimado señor Edgar, seria tan amable de respoder, cual es su color favorito? Cual es su puntada faavorita? le gustan las flores o las formas geometricas? le gusta cocinar? y hablarme algo de usted... Nesecito saber... pleaseee... no pregunte para que...
    Last attempt, Sir Edgar, it would be kind enough to answer, what is your favorite color? What is your favorite stitch? likes flowers or geometric shapes? likes to cook? and speaks of something you ... I need to know ... pleaseee ... not ask for ...

  10. I'm really glad to know you have great weekend! Rico is the cute Geisha.:) piko from Japan

  11. Ooh, she's a lovely Geisha :-) Looks like a fun weekend.

    Donna's RR looks fab! And VOHRH is looking great too.

  12. Looks like a great weekend. I have been enjoying your blog for a while and just started blogging. Your stitching is always so beautiful.

  13. what a lovely weekend you had! the wish was hysterical and the geisha - how beautiful she is!
    Your stitching is fab as always!

  14. WHat a lovely weekend. I like the wish tree that is pretty funny :)

    I am so happy to have found your blog for now when I am longing for a trip to SF I can take a look at your blog, though not the same as being there its close :)

    Take Care and I am loving the book(s)

  15. What a great weekend! wish we had cooler weather to do stuff like that (and had stuff like that to do). LOL
    Great stitching! and what a Geisha! woowoo!