Thursday, August 14, 2008

Square One finshed - Now on to square Four - and Le Jardin...

Last night I finished up square 1 on VoHRH and moved on to Square 4 - just the border and some of the grass - but it was a start.... here is a snap (I finally got some batteries) -

Square 1 worked up really quick - I am really enjoying this piece again - but my radar is set on starting "Shores" - I got that chart as soon as it came out and REALLY like it a lot!! If truth be told I printed out a picture that I have hanging on my bulletin board at work and look at that dumb thing all time - but, I am NOT going to start it up until this one is finished - I do have a little tiny bit of will power!!! Though I do sit an obsess about what linen should I use as I do not care for that yellow/gold the model was stitched on ( or do I???).... I know I will do it in silk as I love the way these large pieces look in silk - and silk feels so good to work with...... I am working "Village" in the recommended NPI silks and love the way it is turning out.... too many thing to think about - lets move on before I start to drool like a Pavlovian dog or something!!!

Yesterday the mail guy brought me Julianne's copy of the
French magazine that I was searching for - that she has generously loaned me!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!

The chart I was looking for is called "Le Jardin des Arbres" - I saw it surfing around and instantly knew I needed to stitch this - and I eventually found that it was published in a French magazine I had never even heard of
- here is a very poor snap of the finished piece from the mag. -

They have it finished as a banner - I don't think I will finish it that way but just have it framed - but who knows - that is a long way down the road!

Last night on TCM was Peter Lorre day - and they showed "The Maltese Falcon" - 1941 - also starring in the Falcon are - Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor and Sydney Greenstreet. I always enjoy this picture - so I would heartily recommend this film!!

Thank you all for stopping by both new and returning readers -
and thank you for the comments you know how I like them!!

Take care,


  1. Square one looks terrific Edgar. Love your new pattern/ will you be starting that before/with/after Shores (wink, wink)?!?!

  2. That square did work up quickly. Looks nice! I am thinking about Shores too, but I know my mother will demand it to hang in her beach house. She would finance the project, though. There's something to be said for that! :)

  3. I need to start back on my village! I'm ashamed to day I've not even finished the outline of my square! Too many other goodies to stitch!

  4. que rapido vas... si hubiese sabido que lo bsucabas te hubiese ayudado... aca puedes ver un links de un sal

  5. web Isa

  6. I found it wise that a girl in a blog and gave the instructions here this

  7. Square 1 looks beautiful. I finally caved and bought this design a few months ago, and I really should start it. I also have Shores, and like you Edgar, I'm not so sure about that gold fabric. I will be really interested in seeing what you finally decide on, since I've loved your previous color choices.

  8. Edgar , i am completely in love with your VoHRH !! Who is the designer ? I wonder if I can get it here ..
    Patti xx

  9. Beautiful finish on the square! I love it! You have such will power to finish this project and delay your gratification of starting the Shores! I'm envious of your will power... if I had more of that, I might finish more projects too, but instead I seem to keep starting them ;) bah!

    I'm oohing and ahhing at your Le Jardin Des Arbres! Will you be stitching this with the dmc or some yummy overdyeds? I can't wait to see it when you get to it! :)

  10. Do you think I could possibly borrow this magazine? I love the LeJardin sampler with all of those fun trees. Please write to me and let me know. I live in New York