Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The wonderful people in BLOG world-o-rama

The comments yesterday really bolstered my resolve - that there are WAY more great people out there than not so great!!!!!! Just working the SBBC this year I have learned SO much it is amazing! The generosity and warm feeling that a majority of Stitchers have and show to each other is beyond comprehension - and you ALL know who you are!!!! It is that small minority of small and withered persons who for some reason or another spoil these fun and giving groups. Before I had a blog - and yes there was a time that I did not have one - I was a total lurker for months and months - and that was alright - as I felt that I needed to learn about this new thing of Blogs and Exchanges and RR's- but, once I started this blog and felt more comfortable with everything I started to join in - and it does make the whole cyber world more personal and fun - and you meet so MANY very NICE people - with similar interests. So here I am - in all these wonderful exchanges that I love doing and putting together and moderating the SBBC and now I am moderating an exchange on the SBEBB (which is new to me so I am a bit nervous about that one) and if you have read my ramblings for any length of time you know where I am coming from and what I am like - because "what you sees is what you gets!!!" I am just like these run-on sentences and disjointed bits - and the tangents and the wacky weird snaps.... there ya go - more incoherency...... (my sister who read this stuff will tell me all the time -"you write that blog like you speak and think!!") Now was that a complement or just what was that!!!
Hi Cissy!!!!

I did want to bring up about the SBBC for 2009 - I am going to open that sucker up next Friday August 29th - and hold it open for joining until September 26th. There is a limit that BLOG world puts on these for authoring (posting) and that limit is 100 members - this year there were 53 members so there was plenty of room, but you never know about next year. If you are unsure of what is expected have no fear as in the next day or so I will re-post at the top of the SBBC blog the outline of rules and things. They are there but at the very bottom and I am going to refine them a bit so they are a more clear and without any misunderstandings.

That's about all for today - I have been working on exchanges exclusively for the last few days so I have no stitchy snaps.

Let me say once again how much you all mean to me and what a great time I do have here and with the RR's and exchanges!!!

Thank you new readers (I know there are lurkers out there!! :)) and those that stop by to read my blog regularly, I really appreciate it!!!

Take care,


  1. I was wondering when I'd be able to sign up for the SBBC 2009, now I know. Thanks for giving us the nod Edgar.

    There are lots of nice people around in Blogland aren't there? It's just a shame that, as usual, a minority spoil things for the majority.

  2. Edgar, you have done a great job this year with the SBBC. I've met some great stitchers out there, also. I read and enjoy you blog (usually daily).

  3. Edgar,

    I understand the urge to want to scream from the top of the world about this person and her theft (because this isn't just petty rudeness and unthoughtfulness, it is THEFT.) And it especially sucks when it happens to nice people.

    I found your blog after finally clicking on a link from someone else's site after reading over and over again from several people about the wonderful Edgar and his beautiful stitching. For all of the work and charity that you do it's a shame that it is ever rewarded with such a response. Mindi now from Utah should be ashamed of herself to have stolen beautiful fabrics and flosses that belong to others, and all of the effort that has gone along with those items. It saddens me to see that you guys have contined to work diligently on her piece even after she has done this to you all but that just speaks to the quality of the rest of you in that group, doesn't it?

    Hang in there and keep being you. =)

  4. Kudos to you for moderating the SBBC...that takes an enormous amount of patience and dedication, I'm sure you'll be great at it :)

  5. I remember you mentioning the SBBC before. I really want to join so I will keep my eyes peeled. I hope I don't forget!

  6. Hey, I think you were pretty gentle in your previous post! I don't think I would have been as kind....but I still have hopes that these pieces will turn up, some day, some how. Meanwhile I get to stitch again using these wonderful colours and cool linen, yeah!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble with your RR's. Even hearing stories like this over and over again I still can't believe that people would have the nerve to do something like that. If I was in your shoes I would have been a LOT meaner in the previous post... ;)

    Well, I don't know about you but I am a big believer of "what goes around comes around"...

    PS. Did I see the same MINDI in SBBC list of participants as well?

  8. Yeah Edgar
    Your blog is the first thing I read every morning when I get to work (I come an hour early to read the blogs) and I have so enjoyed your blog but most of all I have been really inspired and am desperate to join SBBC2009 so make sure you keep a place for little old me in NZ!!!!

  9. I read your blog daily but don't comment and would like you to know that even though I don't watch the same types of movies as you that I do enjoy reading about them :-0

  10. Hi Edgar , Pleae never stop bloging !! Every morning I read your blog with my first cup of tea and ciggie !!
    I really woyld like to join the SBBC , but I don't know exactly how it works ... is there a link tothe rules ??
    Patti xx

  11. I don't get to read your blog until 3/3.30pm because of course we are some 8 hours ahead but I always visit you daily. I miss you at weekends. Is there a reason you don't post then?

    Maybe we should finish Mindi's piece and put it up for auction for a charity - what do you and the others think?

  12. I'm going to sign up for the SBBC. Thanks for posting the info.