Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Thursday....and I can see the weekend a comin'

Thank you all again for the nice comments I know that I am surrounded with wonderful people!!!

Lets answer a question or two or commenting on the comments - I only blog during the week because I avoid like the plague any type of computer on the weekend - I mean - I touch not - see not and hear not - these rulers or our lives!! Since I sit in front of one during the week I need the break and my weekends are pretty boring ...... The only reason I can think of for me to even contemplate touching a computer on the weekend would be to check an auction on eBay - but usually I will either just bid it out on Friday or leave an esnipe. My weekday starts off like the following scenario......I usually get in to work around 6 or so in the morning and the first thing I do is check my email accounts, download any snaps for the blog - then write my blog - then re-read for any glaring errors (and I miss a ton even reading through a couple of times and running a spell-check) then post - that takes about 45 mins to an hour because I am usually fighting off the kitty. She is very demanding of attention.

Hi Shelleen - thanks for stopping by!! - That's alright about not liking the movies I like - most folks don't.... I would think the reason is that I am usually all over the place with the types of movies I look at - I know I don't care for most westerns and most Film Noir - there are exceptions but if you watch here those types of films are not often mentioned. I think the reason I started to talk about film is that nobody else really was and the films that are available to us now are really great - I figure here at the blog I am usually babbling about stuff I like as do we all on our blogs, so why not film ----- That is one of the really great things about these blogs if you think about it - me sitting here in San Francisco living my little life - without the blog would I have ever met so many nice people from across the world???? I don't think so. These blogs and the posting and commenting and exchanges and boards we all read and interact on....they let us get to know so many great people and I really think we get to know each other as more than just disjointed words AND we all see that even though we live all over the place and come from different backgrounds and have different problems and family situations we are much more similar than different!!!

Last night we went over to Dales for a real BBQ dinner – He has just gotten back for Eastern North Carolina and brought back some great chop BBQ and corn sticks from both his sister's in-laws restaurant in Hookerton and some extra from Parkers BBQ for my freezer – I really prefer this over any other BBQ!!! I made some fried chicken to add to the dinner and we finished off the meal with a “Pig-Picken” cake.

No stitchy snaps as I am still working away at my exchanges. Has anyone else ever made an exchange and really wanted to keep it for themselves!!! I am really liking something right now and having trouble not making something else to send!! :)

Carol – now that is something to think about with that RR I have tucked away from the light of day – now what would I call the situation – a “HOSTAGE”!!!!

I will leave you with a great quote from a really funny movie –

Shoot her in the head Wardel!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. Mmmmm I could go for some North Carolina BBQ. Here in South Carolina they do a mustard base BBQ, of which I am not a huge fan of.

    I am working on an exchange right now and REALLY love it and would REALLY love to keep it for myself, but then I would have to find another pattern to stitch. Maybe I could just stitch the same thing and then decided which I like better LOL Is that wrong.

    Well have a terrific day/evening Edgar

  2. Oh Edgar... what, pray tell, is a “Pig-Picken” cake???? LOL

  3. Kitty, you never mentioned a kitty before. Tell me more. I assume this is the resident cat at work?
    Such lovely words about how we get to meet so many new and wonderful people on-line. The Internet is overfowing with wierdos, stalkers and freaks that itcan be a bit freightening. It is such an unespected joy to meet all these nice stitchy, generous, kind, animal-loving folks out there. All the cultures and nationalities coming together...sort of a "Blogoympics"!

  4. BarBQ sounds pretty good. We have some great joints here in OK that serve some killer BBQ.

    Nearly every piece I put into an exchange tugs at my resolve to keep it for myself.

  5. Being a NC gal, I have to brag and say we have the bestest BBQ anywhere!