Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stiching and a Movie -

What else would it be on a Tuesday evening - I worked on VoHRH but have no snap. When I went to take a picture my batteries were dead and then I found out I was out of batteries - well at 10:45pm that just bites!!! So this post will be devoid of progress snaps and I will slap a snap from the weekend in here -

There were these great big stands of lillies in bloom - now I stand about 5'10" and they were taller than me - and here is some more -

They are really beautiful and so big with so many blooms!!!

The movie last night was "The Midnight Kiss " - 1949 - with Mario Lanza and Kathryn Grayson - This was Mario's first starring role in a movie - the story is pretty transparent but the music is excellent with the singing of Lanza and Grayson and the piano talents of Jose Iturbi. I saw over the weekend "Toast of New Orleans" - 1950 - the second pairing of Lanza and Grayson and really liked the story of MK over TONO - but the the music is just as wonderful. With all that talent it is a shame that Lanza died so young without having what should have been a great career - either in the movies or on stage.

I am really behind in reading and commenting - but am trying to catch up.

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  1. Esas flores en Venezuela se le llaman Lirios a mi me encantan, claro esta solo se consiguen en la tienda las flores, no la planta, mi clima de 34 grados no permite se den, A mi me dan urticaria, no te sucede? es que ese polen que sueltan me pica las manos, mira este arrego se lo hice a mi amiga lolo el dia de las mamas,

  2. edgar a question the name of your blog translated into Spanish as the black sheep of the Web(oveja negra de la web), by that name? I see you as a very nice person and good

  3. What beautiful lilies! We grow them here, but some of ours have been blighted by the lily beetle which has made it's way to the UK from Europe, and is now working it's way northwards up the country. So far it has only affected a couple of leaves but Keith, my husband, is hand picking the grubs off. The flower buds look ok, so fingers crossed they will flower ok.

    VoHRH is looking great, you are really getting on with that fast.

  4. Beautiful lillies!! Glad you liked my idea for the BBD chart. I am thinking I can use some of the letters and adjust others so the alphabet matches the lettering in the first verse (if I have enough space).

  5. Edgar, I just love reading your blog! I read it all the time, but have been bad about commenting. I promise to do better on that end.

    Your lilies are GORGEOUS and keep up the good work on VoHRH. I have HoHRH that I need to pull out.

    Have a great evening, and thanks for all the wonderful movie reviews. I LOVE old movies and love reading about what you have watched.

    Carolyn (Lynnygyrl on SBEBB)

  6. Hi!
    Your blog and your works are fantastic!
    Lilang from Hungary