Monday, July 29, 2019

A Couple of Little "Blackbirds"

Gentle Friends, I wrapped up the sampler I was working on for Christmas and have done precious little on the Alphabets Book so I thought I would show two more older pieces...

... from the Loose Feathers series  #'s 31, 32 33 & 34 (the LF Series I loved by the way!!) came this long "Mystery" sampler... it was the most fun to stitch, as are all of Alma and Barb's things... Love me some BBD!!!!!  

... and I'll wrap up my walk down memory lane with this great Christmas piece.  It didn't photograph that well, but I do love it and see it every day!  It's another Loose feathers piece, #6.

That's the last older piece for now... I also wanted to mention that there are only 149 more days until Christmas, I know can you believe it!!

There you go sports fans, thanks for stopping by do stop again!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!!


  1. Gorgeous pieces, Edgar! No, I can't believe it and I'm stitching my fingers to the bone trying to finish three grandchild stockings.

  2. Beautiful samplers i love the colours of the designs. Thanks for showing .

  3. Dearest Edgar: You always pick such lovely designs to stitch and find the perfect frames.


  4. Great BBD pieces. Their work is always fun to stitch. I just finished the sampler"Peace on Earth". It is from one of their new books. I wish I had bought the charts for the first one you showed. If I am correct, they are very hard to find. Now I make a point to get their charts even if I am not sure when I will stitch them.

  5. Two more lovelies that you shared, Edgar!

  6. BBD are one of my favorite designers also. Yur atitching is lovely as always, thanks for sharing the oldies but goodies! :)

  7. I am reluctantly setting aside the antique repro sampler to attack the
    growing Christmas ornament smalls list … Cannot start too early... Your samplers are always a delight to view... and your work...enough
    cannot be said..Love your good thoughts, etc. reminder each day.