Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Little Brunchin'

Gentle Friends, we had a super brunch with friends last weekend.  At a well know Dim Sum restaurant here in the City down by the Embarcadero... called Yank Sing... 
located in the Rincon Center...

... this is the 200-foot tall atrium and if you look at the skylight features a "Water Column" installed int he 1980's expansion designed by artist Doug Hollis.  It's a continuous 85-foot column of water drops, coming from an eight-foot by eight-foot acrylic glass box with 4000 holes placed at the ceiling level... it's a really nice a relaxing sound to have in the background while you enjoy the food...

... we checked in for our reservations - you need them here as they are always busy, busy, busy!! - 

... and then got sat out on the main dining room in the atrium... it was really a nicer place to sit than inside the main dining room...

... so how it works...there are these carts laden with food that whisk around and stop at each table. You just point at what you want...so easy...

 ...we started off with some steamed pork buns... Cha siu Bao...  and I've had lots of these things and I had to say that these were the best I've ever had, fresh, fluffy and the BBQ pork inside was perfect!!

...then other things started showing up... like these tasty Shumai..

... crispy spring rolls...

... some potstickers...

... and we had to have some sticky rice in lotus leaf... Lo Mai Gai...

... opened up and out poured a delicious filling...

... and also some Phoenix Tailed Shrimps...

... and then the dessert cart came by and we had to have...

... Sesame balls.. deep fried and filled with yellow bean puree, lightly sweet ... and really good!!!

.. they are known for the Peking Duck, and they kept whizzing by, we passed on this every time... I would certainly recommend this place for a Brunch or Dinner anytime.  There are lots of Dim Sums places here in SF, but this has to be the top of the heap!!

After lunch we walked over to the Embarcadero and had a stroll along the waterfront... this shot is looking at the Bay Bridge and towards Treasure Island.  There you go sports fans, super food and super friends!!!  Thanks for stopping by do stop again!!

Good Thoughts! Good Words!  Good Deeds!


  1. What a beautiful day you had! Love the view of the Bay that you shared in the last picture.

  2. What a beautiful environment to dine in!

  3. Now that is what I call dim summing it up ~ What a delightful place to dine... thank you for taking us along, Edgar...

  4. What a remarkable place to sit and eat. The food looks wonderful and the view over the bay even better.

  5. Hi Edgar! I do love a good brunch, and dim sum is the best for a nice leisurely brunch with friends...yours was no exception and it looked delicious...now I'm craving LOL. We used to have a great place for Dim Sum in our China Town, but I haven't been there for years.
    What a beautiful building the restaurant was in, and your walk along the Embarcadero breath taking, what a great pic of Treasure Island and the bridge.
    Stay cool. as it's sweltering in the Southland, but we are used to it and have become true dessert dogs :)
    Hugs kiddo,

  6. That looks amazing! Beautiful setting too.

  7. What a lovely restaurant and the food looked delicious!! That plus the lovely bay view would make for a wonderful morning!!