Monday, July 1, 2019

A Little Stitchin'

Gentle friends, I've finished up the alphabet with the little vines and here's a snap...

... it was a fun alphabet to stitch!!  I've started working on the next two pages and that alphabet is constructed of Algerian eyes'... a bit repetitive but interesting.  

I also wanted to mention that I've made some changes to how a comment can be left.  For some reason, I've been getting spammed by odd comments for a few months usually a few at a time but in the last couple of weeks they've jumped up to 80+ spam comments a day - which sucks!!  So, for now, no anonymous commenters, sorry, and I've put a number checking system is in place.   If this fails to curtail the unwanted spam-comments then I'll have to shut "comments" off altogether, which I don't want to do, as I enjoy getting feedback.  Oh well, I'll see what happens.  If you can't leave a comment and want to get in touch with me there's always the email route...

That's about it for today sports fans, thanks for stopping by!

Good Thoughts! Good Words! Good Deeds!


  1. Well done on getting this alphabet finished, Edgar! Look forward to seeing the next two pages! Have a super week!

  2. Hope you get rid of the aggravating spam!! I have read & enjoyed your blog for several years. I am now missing your almost daily posts & what goodies you find at estate sales. I really hope you aren't tiring of blogging 'cause I would really miss you. Love your stitching! Happy 4th from a Georgia girl!

  3. I was having a lot of problems with comments on my blog last year. Now it seems to have gone back to normal. Who knows what happens. The alphabet is beautiful!

  4. Dearest Edgar: Beautiful Alphabet.
    I know what you mean about the spammers, I had to get a techy to help me get rid of them.
    I do understand about the comment being turned off, I hope the spammers stop bothering you and go away.


  5. That alphabet is beautiful!! I know what you mean about the spam. I have just been deleting them on my emails.

  6. That's a beautiful design and I love the stitching too

  7. That's a beautiful design and, of course, your stitching is lovely

  8. The alphabet looks wonderful.
    What are you doing with all your stitching?
    Greetings from Germany where it is very hot at the moment.

  9. beautiful--i always enjoy your posts

  10. Leave it to the negatives to interfere with the positives of life, Edgar. Poor souls who have nothing constructive to do. Hope you resolve the spam nonsense. Just love this page in your project. You
    have such a discerning eye.

  11. It's looking lovely.
    I've been getting lots of spam comments too.

  12. Spam suck! I hope that you do not have to cut off the comments! People need to find a different hobby besides ruining things for others.