Monday, March 31, 2008

An angel and a butterfly or is that a moth???

I finished an exchange and worked on another, but can not post any snaps (yet). I also worked some on the "This and That" sampler.
Here is a snap of the progress-

I really like the way the motifs are kind of off a little. Ja'Niece was kind enough (and smart enough) to finding the link for Little By Little, I sure couldn't find that sucker!! So here is the link to the site . Going through the site I realized that I have lots of these small charts in my stash. I would guess the reason is I am drawn to the way they look so old fashioned and rustic.

The movies this weekend (you knew there would be some) were "55 Days at Peking" - 1963 about the Boxer rebellion in China around 1900. Starring Eva Gardner, Charlton Heston and David Niven. Flora Robson played Tzu-Hsi the Dowager Empress. I have always enjoyed this movie and seen it quite a few times very entertaining but not a great war spectacle. Also on the bill was "Home from the Hill" - 1960 - with Robert Mitchum, Eleanor Parker, George Peppard and George Hamilton. Although not a "Giant" film it is entertaining in a southern Texas soap opera kind of way. Including adultery, illegitimacy and sowing those wild oats!! This is more east Texas and looks a lot like the Louisiana/Mississippi delta area. There is even wild pig hunt, who could ask for anything more!! :) The third film was "Battle of Britain" - 1969 with an all star cast in a very underrated film of the British Air Force stopping the German invasion.

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  1. This and That is looking really good now - look what develops from one green mustache!

  2. Darn you Edgar - now I have another designer to add to my wish list - I like almost all of them. :)


  3. You're welcome Edgar ;-)
    Ja'niece blushing red

    Your sampler progress is looking great too!!!

  4. You are maing wonderful progress. I love the beautiful, warm colors.