Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Thursday - but is it really Friday?????

Last night I worked on "This and That." Here is a progress snap of what it looks like today -

It is really stitching up fast - but will that momentum keep up???? I also worked on the upcoming Monthly Finishing Challenge. This month it is a Pyn-Keep. I want to have this done by Monday so that I can stop by Britex on the way home and pick up some trimming.

Last nights flick was "A Bridge Too Far" - 1977 a very good movie if a bit long at almost three hours. I think they spent too much time building up the back ground. The movie is about the allies trying to take some bridges in Holland. That is a very simplified version of what was called "Market Garden" a huge operation of men and armament that failed at many levels to accomplish it's goals.

I am off tomorrow, Woo Hoo!!!! So there will be no daily dose of my ramblings and no movie recap - yes there is a movie waiting to be watched now sitting on the side table by the TV.

I Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Easter!!!!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and the wonderful comments!!!! I do appreciate them all!!!!

Take care,


  1. This and That is really coming together now. And the green mustache is now definitely more like leaves!

    A Happy Easter to you and Rico.

  2. A Bridge Too Far and the market garden initiative are still very famous here in the Netherlands. I'd never heard of either till I moved here.

    Love your stitching progress!!

  3. What?!?! No morning Edgar fix tomorrow?! ;-) Hope you and Rico have a wonderful Easter. Let's hope the weather stays nice in the city!

  4. Have a great Easter too!
    Your new wip is so pretty :)

  5. Pretty piece. I love the colors on this fabric ;)

  6. The latest WIP is lovely. I had Friday off too and it seemed I couldn't put the needle done for a second! I was so overjoyed to have over 48 peaceful hours to myself (well, pets and husband too, but they are good things), that I breezed through four little Quaker designs from Mon Ami Pierre. Today was spent with the in-laws, so not much stitching.
    Tomorrow is back to the old grind, but at least I felt like I accomplished something.
    "Band of Brothers" the HBO series on WWII gave a very accurate portrayal of the Market Garden offensive.