Monday, March 10, 2008

Exchange Stiching weekend......

I spent all my time working on exchanges so there are no stitchy pics today.... I did however get a great delivery on Friday. As many of you know just by reading this blog I collect early 19th century transferware. I had won on eBay (my downfall) a great platter in a pattern that I collect called Wild Rose. Here is a snap of the piece.

I have a few pieces in this pattern and really like it. I think because it typifies the bucolic landscapes of England and there is no better place than by a stream in the lovely English countryside!!

I really appreciate the comments about exchanges, I usually do exactly the same as most stitchers out there. Just try from any source to find something they would like or if that is not possible then try for something with wide appeal. I think I was just over thinking this as I so often do!!

I watched a few movies this weekend..... surprise - starting off with "The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp" - 1943 a really great movie with a very early performance by Deborah Kerr, she plays three different parts. Also on the bill was "Brief Encounter" - 1945 a film directed by David Lean. Absolutely wonderful performances by Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson. The next movie was a "black comedy" called "Where's Poppa" - 1970 - a movie I didn't finish watching, I did not care for this film. I really like both George Seagal and Ruth Gordon the two primary actors but I did not like this film. I guess you can't like everything.

Last nights flick was "Fargo" - 1996. Since I do not like violent movies I have avoided this for a long time but finally broke down and had it in the queue and it came on Saturday. I did enjoy this film even though there were about 6 people murdered. There was quite a lot of funny parts. I especially liked Melissa Peterman's role as Hooked #2 - ya dont'cha know!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!

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  1. Beautiful platter Edgar.

    Not idyllic in England today - we are being battered by storms!

  2. Congrats on your newest ebay purchase-beautiful!

    I've been stitching on exchanges too :)

  3. Oh my...another lusting I must do over your platter...have you seen
    Lochs of Scotland? That's what I have many pieces them!