Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It was a Tuesday evening and.....

I spent it stitching and watching a couple of movies. Worked again on "This and That." I am really liking these colors that are used in this piece. It calls for DMC cotton but I am using the HDF silk substitutions and it is really coming out pretty. Here is a snap of the progress from last night -

Although it looks really wonky to the right, that is me not taking a good picture and
not the piece. ;)

I also got in two movies. Th first flick was "On Our Merry Way" - 1948. The movie was really very nice with a cute ending. The copy of the movie was pretty poor for the first third then really cleared up. It starred Burgess Meredeth (of Penguin fame in Batman), Paulette Goddard, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, Fred MacMurry, William Demarest ( Uncle Charlie form "My Three Sons") and the glamorous Dorothy Lamour. It was the song and dance of Dorothy Lamour that really made the movie a pleasant surprise.

The second flick was a continuation of Ava Gardner week - "Barefoot Contessa" - 1954. Ava Gardner was never more beautiful than in this picture. I really think this is a great movie.... some others would disagree, but this is my soapbox so I get to say what I want!!! If you like Ava Garnder, Humphrey Bogart and some really beautiful photography with an adequate story behind everything (Written AND Directed by Joseph Mankiewicz) then I would recommend this movie as very watchable.

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