Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Thursday and it's raining.....

Today is a damp-rainy day here in the Bay area...I really love the rain and rainy days. It is a kind of drizzle and nothing hard but very nice.

This is a great early morning photo by Thomas Hawk taken from the Ferry Building looking up Market street. This is how it is this morning all reflections and umbrellas.
It is supposed to stop later today and then rain again this weekend.

Last night we had to run errands and so stitching time was curtailed. We had dinner at a Red Robin as Ricos favorite cut of meat is the Hamburger! :)
It was pretty crowded for a Wednesday evening but we were sat very quickly.
After getting home and working some on an exchange piece I settled down for a little time with "Forgiveness." Here is a progress snap -

Still working on the far left medallion. This colour is called Burnished Gold.

The movie last night was "Sea Wife" - 1957. Starring Richard Burton and Joan Collins. Now, this is a movie I had never heard of and found while building my Netflix Queue. It was a different kind of movie with JC playing a Nun, if you can imagine. She makes a really lovely Nun by the way!!! It is a beautiful film shot in CinemaScope of four people adrift in a lifeboat in the South Seas in1942. As nice as this was I would stick to Hitchcock's "Lifeboat" - 1944 - a true Cinematic masterpiece!!!

I think I will leave off today with a snap of Her Majesty the Hunny-licious -

She is the old-grandma dog around our house, and rules it with an iron paw!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. Oh Edgar - I can tell Her Majesty rules the roost! It is written all over her face :-)

  2. I liked the rainy day picture...I knew exactly where it was. I'll have to take a picture of Mondo to show you. I just never know when my bro will show up so it'll probably take a while. Almost Friday...can't wait!

  3. I LOVE that photo of the rain. The photo of your dog cracks me up. She claimed the comfy cushion on the comfy couch and she's NOT relinquishing yet spot, lol

  4. Nice rain picture and HM is so sweet!

  5. I can tell your dog does rule the house as she has a very satisfied look about her! Your progess is looking fine!

  6. Dear Edgar,
    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I am very new to all of this and it is a thrill when I "meet" someone new. You "Forgiveness" piece is gorgeous! It is made all the more special that it is a memorial work as well. I also have joined the "Quaker Inspried" blog. This is the first blog group that I have joined and I am a bit intimidated by all the great stitching I see there. I struggle enough with this darn computer and now I must try to be worthy of all the wonderful stitiching I see there.
    Her Majesty is truly a regal beast. We have a 16 year old cat that rules our house. I am marinating some chicken for her now, as the canned cat food is not to her liking today.