Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Fire, a start, a mailing, a package, and a movie, of course!

Now lets work backwards - The movie selection last night was 'The Snows of Kilimanjaro" - 1952 - with three of my favorite actors - the ever stunning Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward. A very disjointed film, but then it was hard to make a 2 hr+ movie from a 29 page story! The movie also took from other works of Hemingway's to fill out the film....which I think added to the disjointedness. Watch it for the performances and not the story.

I also had some mail from HDF - I had ordered some spools of a variegated silk and they cam yesterday. Here is a snap of their beauty -

From left to right - "Old Maid of the Soil, "Exemplar Ox Blood," and the new "Exemplar Blueberry Soup." I am now trying to figure out what to work up in these lovelies!

I finished up my part of the Quaker Friendship RR so that I could get it in the mail today.
Here is a snap of my piece -

As you can see I used two of the colours that make up the three variegated colours of the main silk. The initials are in Nisse Grey and the Rabbit is in Steelies. I am posting it this morning to Rowyn in New Zealand, lets hope the mails don't fail me!!! I really am excited with the RR and hope that we will all have some fun with it!!

After working on the QFRR I started the "This and That" sampler Christmas Present. Here is the bit I have done - Don't you think it looks a little like a green mustache!!! :)

What these are supposed to be are the two leaves on either side of the flower tree in the middle.

Finally we where going out to pick up some take out Chinese for dinner ( love those walnut prawns!!!) and found that there was a giant fire in the mission. Our Building is on the top on Noe Valley and we can look down into the Mission and here is a snap of the 4 alarm fire that had over a 100 firemen fighting 4 burning buildings.

You can't see it but every time part of a roof would fall in huge flames shot into the air. There were numerous helicopters hovering about from the news stations adding to the cacophony of noise that makes up the city. It felt very ghetto with them hovering over us as two of them positioned themselves up over Noe Valley. The things we can see from our balcony.

There you go - Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. Wow - that is some fire! Glad you are OK, and hope everyone else is too... Have you tried HDF's new hand dyed linen? I just got mine in yesterday - Earth Stars - very nice!! I recommend trying some while she still is selling it at cost ;-)

  2. Such a lot in your post!
    I will comment from the top starting with the HDF silk. The new Blueberry Soup is a gorgeous blue - I am sure you will find something in your chart stash to stitch.

    I have commented on your QFRR on the blog but needless to say - I love it - especially the grey rabbit.

    This and That sampler - yes definitely a green mustache - but I am sure we will see that it is leaves very soon!

    And a fire? I am glad you are OK and it wasn't any closer to your home. Hopefully there were no casualties.

  3. Love your RR, looks like fun :) And those silks are really lovely, such a pretty sheen to them. That really does look like a mustache, LOL! And my goodness, that fire~you had quite the view! I hope no one was hurt!

  4. Whoa! That is quite a view you have there from your balcony!
    I think your Quaker RR is stupendous...and I thought green mustache when I saw your new start LOL!

  5. I think from now on, every thread company should use spools to wind their flosses. It looks fabulous! Love the colours, and the colours you're using for the Quaker RR are scrumptious too.
    Hey, nice view, even with the fire! Hope no-one was hurt, though.

  6. BEAUTIFUL new goodies, and lovely new stitching starts. :D Glad you could look at the fire without being affected by it. Yikes!

  7. I love the Blueberry Soup too! I should really look at HDF. I also love how the Old Maiden of the Sea(?) looks on your linen for the QFRR. Sad that I learned about the fire from you considering my professional background. I really need to tune into the news more! I'm glad that no one was truly hurt in that fire but I feel sad for everyone displaced.

  8. Hey Edgar, have you seen this?
    I think this is right up your alley with all of your wonderful samplers :)

  9. I thought of a mustache too! love those colors, specially the blue! Thanks Edgar, your the best!