Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"The Longest Day" during the longest evening...

Last nights flick was "The Longest Day" - 1962. The film deals with the Normandy Invasion on June 6th 1944, and is a really great film. I have seen it a number of times and enjoy it every time. I think what really works for this film is that it has no main star but lots of star power, American, French German...... in cameo and larger parts. It is also really good that it gives an Allied and German point of view switching back and forth showing both sides. Although flawed in other ways it is a epic film of a momentous day in history!!

Well, during the evening I came to the realization that my QFFRR that I had worked on a couple of nights ago and then picked back up last night was not going in the direction that I had hoped. I had decided to use "Baneberry" by HDF for the floss colour.....and the more I stitched the less happy I became. It was just turning out SO VERY stripey!! I then tried to see if I scattered the stitches if it would be more blocky and that made it look freckled and spotty. So, I made the decision to pull/frog everything that I had done and start over with a colour that I had liked to begin with. I went back to "Old Maid of the Sea." A really lovely blue/grey variegated silk. I have ordered some secondary colour from HDF so the rabbit won't get done until they arrive. Here is a very poor picture of the little bit that I got done form last night -

You can get the idea of what it will look like and I will get a better picture up tomorrow. I did not take a snap of the "Baneberry" version as it was NOT good. I think that "Baneberry " will lend itself to a Christmas alphabet sampler in the future.....

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  1. Oh Edgar what a shame but if you don't like it now you certainly won't like it when it's finished. I like Old Maid of the Sea though and look forward to trying this out when your QFRR reaches me at the end of the year!