Monday, March 3, 2008

Stiching/stashing weekend

Thank you all for the nice comments!!!!!!
It is such a wonderful read first thing Monday morning!!!!! :)

This weekend we started off Saturday morning with a super omelet buffet breakfast at Mary and Gary's. It was so nice to just visit and relax before the day started!!! She served the most wonderful vanilla tea with breakfast and even went to the trouble to make biscuits. We were truly spoiled. We even had the nicest visit with sweet Luna, her adorable little white poodle. We also got to see the first flowering of Mary's Amorphophallus. She has had this for a few years and this is the first time it has ever bloomed. It is a tabletop version and not the giant kind. The flower and leaves are a very black purple color. I forgot my camera so no snap.

After breakfast we trotted on over to Needle in a Haystack. It was lots of fun getting some new things. Here is a snap of the new acquisitions.

I had every intention of not going crazy and buying everything I saw but I am such a sucker for fall/Christmasy things and if it even remotely looks Quakery ..... I'm a goner!! The list of things I couldn't live without: "Alphabet Sampling Book" - With my Needle , "Quackworth"- Ink Circles, "Coffee Menu" & "Geranium House" LHN, Quaker "Rooster & Pig", "Sheep & Cow" & "Faith,Hope & Love" - The Workbasket, "Give", "Gather" - Plume Street Samplers (I still need to get "Gobble"), "Weather Wise" - Prairie Schooler, "Reindeer" & "Reindeer Sampler" - JBW, and assorted floss' and a piece of linen to start a Christmas present on. Now, did I need any of these, not really..... did I want all of these things, YES!!!
Some of these things came from the tremendous piles of new things laying out across six big tables in the back room from the recent stitch show.

I also worked on "Forgiveness" - here is a progress picture -

With the alphabets both out of the way it is to the bottom and the medallions, letters and leaves, some fun stitching!!

That's about it for today!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. Sounds like you had a terrific day! Fantastic's definately a need isn't it??? Ahh well, if you're like me-it keeps you out of other kinds of trouble...LOL!

  2. What a great stash buy/ Now you really do have to live to a 100, no, make that 150 to get all this charts stitched!

  3. What fun stash! Aren't those Workbasket charts the best?! :)

    I think my fun will be next weekend when I hit Britex. I couldn't find any fun cookie fabric at Joann's. Hope Britex has better luck for me.

  4. Great stash haul, Edgar! Loce that new Prairie Schooler!

  5. Love your new stash! It's such fun going to the shop and buying new goodies!
    Glad you had a great weekend!

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! What a great stash haul :)

  7. Wow Edgar! Great stash haul! I'm sad I didn't make it Needle in a Haystack when I was in San Francisco last Oct. It seems like such a great shop! Forgiveness is looking great. I've added it to my wish list after seeing yours! :)

  8. Stashtastic - I'm loving all your new acquisitions! Forgiveness is starting to shape up nicely :)

  9. Now that is a stash haul if ever I saw one! Way to go!
    Forgiveness is just looking divine do such beautiful work!

  10. Hi Edgar! Just catching up on your blog after my hols. Forgiveness is looking great and im so jealous of all that yummy stash!!!

  11. Great stash. I love everything that you bought, you have great taste :).

    It's probably a good thing I don't live near a LNS, or I'd never have any $$ to pay the bills ;)