Thursday, March 6, 2008

QFRR and the SBQ.....

I worked some on the QFRR and due to my colour change at the 12th hour I can't post this next week as was my original plan. Oh, well such is life. Here is a progress snap -

It is really coming along and I REALLY like the colour I have switched to. The silk is called "OLd Maid of the Sea." It is from HDF and is one of the "Old Maid.." series of colors that are really attractive. I am now deciding what secondary colours I will be using. I know that at least one other color will make an appearance..... do I want to introduce a third colour????? :)

I also worked on a couple of upcoming exchange pieces ( no snaps yet). I have both Spring Quaker and HOE Pyn-Keep very soon to be mailed.....
busy , busy, busy.....

Blonde Librarian over at Incoherent Scibblings, who works the SBQ's is starting to recycle questions from the past. I think this is a super idea as so many times the answers to the questions change over time or new people are added, I applaud this move!!!!!!! And so now, without further ado, this week’s SBQ was originally posted on January 4, 2005 and is:

After you stitch a pattern or kit,
what do you do with it?

I guess it depends on the chart. There are very few charts that once finished, I would and or do keep. I usually just pass them on to whomever asks for it first. I do have quite a few in the pile that are not done, but then again don't we all, so there is always something new to stitch. I would rather a chart once stitched finds a new home rather than have it just sit in a pile mouldering and not getting used and enjoyed.

Last nights TCM Tribute was to the 100th Birthday of Rex Harrison. Or as Walter Winchell dubbed him "Sexy Rexy!!" One of the he movies that was on was an all time favorite of mine - "My Fair Lady" - 1964. What a stupendous movie and always a great thing to watch. Coming up on April 5th is an all day Birthday tribute to the great Bette Davis, mark your calendars!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!

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  1. Back in high school I saw Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady (in Boston). I thought he was about 100 then, but he must have been in his 70s. It was good, but I had to go to the bathroom toward the end and I kept waiting for the play to end so I could go, and I had to finally just leave. When I came back, it was over. I still love the movie! At least I know how it ends! :)

  2. Great colour change - I am just wondering what colour Mr Rabbit is going to be! What fabric are you using?

  3. That old maid of the sea is a wonderful color, good choice!

  4. I agree, great choice of color :)

    Have a great weekend, Edgar :)

  5. you have opened my eyes to a whole new series of threads that my life now depends on. or at least my stash does. :o)

  6. Your quaker piece looks great Edgar! Love the colour.
    Have a great weekend