Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday has come again....

Yesterday we got the new vacuum together that we picked up on Wednesday. The on going saga that is our vacuum is a drawn out unimaginable trauma of apocalyptic proportions..... Let us just say it quick working and needed replacing. So we trotted down to Sears to get another one and would you believe it there were about a dozen choices. We settled on a bagless (my choice) model in a very bad shade of mauve/purple( not too my liking but it was the only color it came in) and was on sale and sucked the dirt up like crazy. Last night after putting it together (one screw I can manage, thank god!!) we vacuumed the entire downstairs. You would think that our house had not been vacuumed in months! The rabbit hutch of dust bunnies and dog hair balls were enormous!! Here is a snap of the new acquisition -

I also had a really great mail day!!!! I got a pretty good sized package from Vicki at HDF. She had organized a group purchase from Studio for Historic Samplers and the two charts I ordered came!!! I have been drooling over these charts for the longest time and just never took the plunge! They a presented in the nicest fashion...being spiral bound with a hard plastic cover. Very well done, as I heard they were. Here is a snap of the the charts with the extra silk for my QFRR - Old Maid of the Sea -

I also got in the package the silks for the sampler I will be making for my mom for Christmas - it's never too early!!! :) The sampler is called "The Tale of This and That" from Little by Little design company. Here is a snap of the silks and chart -

All the silks and chart are on top of the linen I will be using - this photo makes it look pretty dark - it really isn't.

I also got to work on "Forgiveness" a little...and here is a snap of that -

Last nights movies were a tribute to the deep south - Starting off with "The Southerner" - 1945 - interesting film about very poor sharecropping cotton farmers and their struggle for a crop/farm of their own. Starring Zachery Scott (of "Mildred Pierce" fame and done the same year) and Betty Field. It is a nicely shot and edited film in the vein of "Grapes of Wrath" - 1940. "The Southerner" is not as good by any stretch of the imagination and the characters often find themselves in very stereotypical situations, but still a nice slice of very poor americana. I almost couldn't recognise Beulah Bondi playing Granny Tucker but there she was getting off some of the best lines in the film. She played Ma Bailey "It's a Wonderful Life " - 1946 - One of my favorite films!!! This was followed up with "Driving Miss Daisy" - 1989. This film is one I always enjoy. Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman both bring in stellar performances. Supporting actors Esther Rolle, Patti Lapone and Dan Aykroyd round out this wonderful cast.

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Have a great weekend!!!!

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  1. Stitching for Christmas already - good for you Edgar!!

    Clean floors mean a lot to me, but keeping up with the dirt and dust in my home with all the goings on, is too much for me. Still, I valiantly fight the fight. :D Hope your new vacuum gives you years of good service.

  2. The same thing happened to me...we got a new vacuum cleaner a couple years ago. The first time I used it and saw the utter crud it picked up out of the carpet made me shudder at what had been in the carpet all along!

  3. Oh, such gorgeous goodies, Edgar! How will you possibly be able to sleep? Well, of course you must be tired from all the vacuuming, but still...

  4. Love your new goodies! So when are you starting on Mom's present???

    I really liked the pic of the rain and the lights yesterday too :)

  5. The mail man was surely good to you today - such a great haul! Love your new charts and the floss and fabric for your mom's Christmas sampler too.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. I love the stash you received ;)

  7. What wonderful stitching supplies you've received!

    I'm so glad we don't have carpeting. I'd be SCARED of what might be living in it!

  8. I gave up vacumming! We got hardwood floors, now I have to sweep at least every other day! Ugg! What was I thinking! Hunnylicious is such a sweet dog! My RR is going out in the mail on Monday! I finished last week, but since I have 2 other packages to mail, I'm gonna just make one trip! Gotta save on gas! it's $3.25 here!

  9. Have a great weekend, Edgar!!!
    You are going to have some great projects underway!!

  10. Wonderful stash!
    Great vacuum! Im one of those strange people that love vacuuming...such a sense of satisfaction LOL

  11. Love all your new stash Edgar! Enjoy your new vacuum! :)

  12. I have hardwood and carpet. I rather vacuum then mop, but trying to keep up with the streaks and paw prints drive me nuts.

    All the stash you recieved this week looks like a lot of fun, enjoy!

  13. Your haul looks wonderful.I love getting HDF....I am patiently 'yeah right" waiting for linen from HDF....
    Love your gift for your mom.Cant wait to see progress pictures.

  14. Great new stash and those silks look so lovely. Forgiveness is coming along beautifully.

    Congrats on the new vacuum, not my favourite pasttime, but I do like clean floors.