Friday, March 7, 2008

Movies and Stitching on Thursday night

Last night the movies where both out of the DVD collection as TV just wasn't cutting it. The first flick was a movie that I have seen too many times to count and do the dialogue along with the actors. It is "What's Up Doc" - 1972. This is one of my favorite movies. Both Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal are wonderful and Madelaine Kahn is so funny!!! If you have never seen this you should take a look. It has lots of physical comedy and is shot all over SF. This was followed up with "Murder on the Orient Express" - 1974. With its all star cast including Lauren Bacall, Sean Connery, Wendy Hiller (you know how I love her), Albert Finney (aged up for this Hercule Poirot) Sir John Gielgud, Anthony Perkins and Ingrid Bergman (winning Best Supporting Actress for her roll) how could this go wrong!!!!
Two great movies and I seem to watch them over and over. There are two other really nice Agatha Christie flicks "Evil Under the Sun" - 1982 and "Death on the Nile" - 1978.

I also worked on some stitching - first off the QFRR - I have finished the wreath and am off by two stitches - oh well!!!! I also changed a few other things - here is a snap -

I also finished up the right medalion on "Forgiveness" - here is a shot of that -

I also worked on an exchange piece but can't show that just yet.

I was wondering, or have been wondering for some time now, what everyone thinks about stitching for exchange partners - I mean when you have a partner and you go to their blog, and it either hasn't been updated for a long time, so you have no idea what they might be working on, or you really can't get a feel for what the recipient likes or for that matter dislikes. I know that I babble here M-F and am pretty up front with stuff I like, and don't dwell on things I do not care for so I think I am pretty easy.... but then again I may be wrong about that........
The way I approach exchanges is try and fulfill the requirements of the exchange and try and make it work into my partners realm of something they would or might like. Is that just way to convoluted or am I just over thinking the whole thing. How do you approach exchanges? Do you just stick to requirements or do you try and work the recipients likes/dislike onto/into it also?? I've really never seen anyone discussing it anywhere or is there a forum that someone knows about that it is discussed. Oh well I really enjoy making them and working on something I wouldn't otherwise try...I also think it is a wonderful way to meet new people and the stitching community is such a nice one!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

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  1. TGIF Edgar! I've participated in the F&S exchange since round 2 and am participating in the HoE pinkeep exchange (this is my first exchange with a completely finished item.) I definately try to figure out my partners likes/dislikes, I would feel really bad if I made them something they hate!!! I peak at their wishlist, what others have made them and vice versa. Sometimes there just isn't much info, so I try to make the best judgement I can. I guess one could always contact the moderator to ask your recipient if they could give a few suggestions.

  2. Sounds like your questions might make a good SBQ Edgar! ;) Let me know if you would like me to ask them as one.

  3. Happy Friday! I understand your hesitation about what to make that will please another. I just try to guage what their interests are from past projects and wishlist and pick something that I would enjoy making for them. My challenge right now is language. I can't understand!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. I am new to the blogging world, and have not done an exchange before, but am signed up for the Birthday exchange this year. I will try to do something that my partner would like, by checking the wish list on the blog and by what pictures are posted of what has been stitched. I would hate to send something that isn't liked!

  5. I think all the things you mention are things I've tried to take into consideration for the Birthday Exchange, which will be my first.

    Love What's Up Doc! Love it!

  6. I usually email my exchange partner if I don't already know their likes/dislikes and get a feel or if there is something they would really liked stitch. I don't want to stitch something for someone that they won't like. That is a really good question. (stitching and sharing)

  7. I love the blue you're using on your RR Edgar.

    As for exchagnes I always try to find out what the receipients likes/dislikes are. A couple of times I've had partners with blogs that haven't been updated in months and it makes things very hard. When that happens I tend to pick a motif or something that anyone might like.

  8. I like stitching exchanges and meeting new people that way, but it really sucks when your recipient doesn't post at least weekly. I'm like you, I want to stitch something that I know will be well-liked and include things suited to my person.

    I've done 5 exchanges so far and 3 of them haven't been such active bloggers (1-2 posts per month). It was really hard to tell what they like because the posts they did write weren't too chatty. I think exchanges should have as a requirement that participants must blog at least weekly or every other week; the HSKS4 exchange I'm in has weekly posting and it's very reassuring that your swap partner won't flake. I've also learned a lot about my swap partner through her blog, so it's been one of the easiest exchanges to assemble for me.

  9. I've not participated in an exchange before, so I'm sure that must be tough deciding on what project to choose. I did want to let you know, though, that I've tagged/recognized you for the progress pics and info you share on the Quaker-inspired designs. I don't know much about the Quaker designs, so I would love to read more and see more!

  10. Hey nice progress on QFRR and Forgiveness. Great questions - like most everyone else who has commented, I browse through my partner's blog, wishlist and any other available resources (like links to photo archives etc) to try to get a sense for what they would really like (and to try and stitch them something new that they haven't received before!). It's tough when they don't blog too often, but like Dani I just try to pick something that would have a fairly wide appeal.