Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You ALL are just the BEST!!!!!!!!

All the nice comments yesterday - I couldn't have been more over whelmed if I had won the lottery!!! I so appreciate all them!!!! They really made a lousy Monday a MUCH better day!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Hi Wendy - I know what you mean about book back up!!
My pile seems to NEVER go down a bit!!

So-Natasha - just send me your snail mail to "edgarmatt at g mail dot com"
and I will get them out to you on Thursday.

I was totally thinking about you Jill when I bought that Workbasket Peacock chart!!
It is a great design!!!

Hi Julianne - that would be great - I seem to be always getting over there so the next time I am planning to get over let try and meet!!

Hi Margaret - of course I can answer that question about the UFO - The chart is the "Beatrix Potter Companion Sampler" - have already stitched and hung up the BP Sampler - it was a great stitch and this also turning out to be lots of fun!!

Lets look at that sucker again - it's so pretty!!!

and last night I was only working on finishing exchanges so this is the only re-snap for today!! :)

I also received Carol's Halloween RR yesterday - boy that got here super fast - there must have been some really quickie trickie broom work at the USPS!!! I just love that linen!! All grey AND splotchy!! I think I need some of that!! Terry - just a heads up mine is going out today and you should have it in a day or two.

Thank you ALL!!! New and veteran readers - stop by again!!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar,
    Thank you so much. I am always on the hunt for something good to read. I just re started a hundred years of solitude. I started it a year ago and put it down and really wanted to pick it up again.

    The BP is so fantastic to look at. You really did and amazing job.I have not put one stitch down for over two weeks. Once we get settled I look forward to finishing my JCS ornament

    Thank you again

  2. Keep showing BP Edgar - you know how much I love her! I know I should know but tell me again about fabric and floss cos this is just how I want mine to look when I eventually get to start it.

    I wish I could get to NIAH - maybe we should have a 'bloggers meet' there! :o)

  3. Love BP and the Companion, I have those in my stash to stich some day...

  4. BP really is gorgeous...I don't know how you get anything done because if I were you, I'd be staring at her all the time!!!

    Love your Halloween RR, looking forward to seeing what everyone does :)

  5. Hi Edgar,

    That sounds like a great plan. I would love to meet you. I'll e-mail you.

    Your framed BP piece is so elegant. What a great feeling to see your work so proudly displayed.

  6. I know I commented when you posted Beatrix Potter before, but I must comment again - she is a beauty and that frames suits it perfectly.

    I always enjoy reading your posts Edgar!

  7. Add me to your long list of admirers here - BP is stunning!