Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday entry

Last night was a Rosalind Russell Night - and the stitching pieces I worked on were both Christmas related and I can't show any snaps of them - yet -

I have two exchanges still in transit so I can't show any snaps of them either.....

Still trying to catch up on the blog reading/commenting - there are so many great things everyone seems to be working on and finishing - It really makes it hard not to have dozens of pieces going at the same time!! There is a pile of things ready to be worked on and I just have to so "NO" - don't start another piece - work on the ones you have going -!!! It is really tough!!! and the will power is failing fast!!!!

Thanks Patti for the name of the designer of the piece - yes it was Pat Rogers and I did a quick search and found out the pattern is called "Antique Alphabet Sampler" - very pretty...... now there is another piece I want to do!!!!

There you go - short and sweet!! Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,

PS - there be a snap of something tomorrow if it kills me!!! :)


  1. Good man, Edgar. Stick to one project and finish it! No regrets. Not like the rest of us who are embarrassed to admit that we started a project in 2007 (or 2006 or . . . even earlier) and still haven't finished it.

  2. I am having the itchies to start a new project or two also!