Thursday, July 3, 2008

HOE Exchnage arrives, spooky witch , Big Band Movie

My HOE LHN Exchange arrived at Georgie's in double quick time - just 4 business days. The exchange stipulated the use of an LHN pattern in any finish we wanted.
Here is a snap of the exchange I sent -

I included a couple of charts from Georgie's wish list, some BBB Lotion and some of those great Altoids mints. It is the pyn keepe that I made that I have an issue with...... Let me say that the way I stitch is not from the original pattern but from a copy I make so all I usually have is just a chart in front of me. So there I was just a'stitching along from the copy and was almost through and I needed to look at the original chart for some reason and I notice that this is NOT a LNH pattern but a CCN pattern - so I sat for a moment and thought -
"Close enough" !! I was really mad at myself as I try to follow all the instructions.
The end result is - Georgie is happy with the piece and that is all that matters to me
- but, boy - what a numb skull!!!
I really enjoyed stitching this one up - it has a nice summery feel to it.

Lat night I finished out the right hand witch - and here she is -

There will be another witch to the left by the end of the weekend -
hopefully , or at least that is the plan!!

The one movie I watched last night was a TCM flick - from the series of Big Bands in the movies - Wednesday evenings in July - "Reveille with Beverly" - 1943 with Ann Miller in the lead. The best part of this movie was the clips of the Big Bands playing popular songs from the 40's and a highlight was Frank Sinatra singing Night and Day. Thin plot great music!!

Another week ends - Happy 4th everyone!!!!!!
Thank you all for the nice comments!!!

Take care,


  1. Happy Fourth to you too. The witch looks great. Your RR is going to be great!!

  2. I do have to say, your witch is scary! perfect for Halloween :)

  3. Cute witch...or should I say scary witch? LOL

    Reveille with Beverly is kind of silly, plot-wise, but I agree...the music is great. Of course any time Frank Sinatra sings, I consider it great. :-)

  4. LOL! I make that mistake all the time - nobody minds! Beautiful exchange... :-)

  5. Wonderful exchange sent. love the pyn keep. Your witch is looking wonderfully frightning ;)

    Look forward to the progress on this piece.

  6. Hahaha, funny story about the LHN / CCN mix-up! They have a lot in common, so it doesn't matter I think.
    Great scary witch!

  7. I love that witchy! I hope she shows up in my spooky house! Great exchange!

  8. You can do an LHN when we have a CCN exchange!
    You made great job of the Pyn Keepe as usual!

    Very scary witch.

  9. Ha! I think anyone could have made that mistake, although I do think that's not the right word to use for such a lovely pinkeep.
    The witch is getting prettier every day!

  10. i love the witch your stitching is fabulous edgar congrats

  11. Yikes, I've been out of touch lately. So many interesting posts here I don't know where to begin commenting. Love the witch. If I can get all the patriotic stuff off the brain for a while I can move on to some Autumn themes. Afterall, Hobby Lobby has it's Christmas ornament display out already!
    Just love the movie "The Women". Way head of it's time in the way it is portrayed and the fashions....oooh, what can I say!!
    My aunt saw a young Sinatra at "The Meadowbrook" nightclub in the early 40's. It was the place to be at the time. It also happens to be in my home town in New Jersey.

  12. I can; imaigne anyone complaining after receiving such a beautiful pynkeep. Your finishing skills are amazing!

  13. Dear Edgar, I'm so happy to have had a chance to read your blog! It seems I'm one of the last in our stitching circle to meet you! I've heard alot about you in our friends' blogs, but just haven't gotten around to visiting you. Love all your stitching and your captivating personality. You've tapped into the hearts of some good stitchin' friends.
    Hugs, Deb/Lavender Rose

  14. Awww, sweet Edgar I wouldn't sweat it...CCN and LHN are mother and daughter...and really don't you think their style is basically the same? I do! And who wouldn't be head over heels with that beauty!

    That witch is PERFECTION! Love it!!
    (and once again seeing and reading your progress on the RR makes me think I need to get my you know what in GEAR!)

  15. Hi Edgar,

    I am coming out of lurkdom to say that I love your blog and your stitching! Your blog is on my daily read list. You do fantastic work!

    I have a question about your BPC sampler, what fabric are you using to stitch her? I've gone back in your archives but can't find the post where you've listed your supplies. Thanks so much!

  16. Edgar, That witch is so cute - she doesn't look scary to me. I love your blog and hope your holiday isn't too long as I want to read the next instalment!

  17. Edgar - First, I love your blog stories and looking at your stitching! I've admired your work in several of the groups and think these little witchy-poos are darling! What pattern are they from or have you done this yourself?

    Margaret in NE FL