Friday, July 25, 2008

Exchanges delivering everywhere....

Yesterday I received my second wish from the MAW Exchange - it was from Karen - I wanted something stitched in dark murky colours any finish the stitcher wanted to do -
and I received a gorgeously finished Biscornu that surpassed my wish by leaps and bounds and here is a snap of the top -

and here is a snap of the underside -

It even came in its own bag for travelling - It is perfectly finished and I just love it!!!!!
Thank you so much Karen!!!!!!!

I also heard from Carol that the HOE Summer Quaker had arrived - I couldn't decide what to make. So I stitched up and finished two things - and Carol does a ton for everyone and so I thought why not...... I sent along some extra goodies I knew she would enjoy!!
Here is a snap of the exchange as it was sent -

and here is a snap of the Pyn Keepe -

and the small box -

The Pyn Keepe design is called "Wheat" and since it is a summer crop I thought it would be appropriate.... and the box top are little rosebuds - The extras where from Carol's wish list -

I worked on the trees/flowers and here is the little progress I made last night -

There where no movies last night only commercial TV and that basically bit the big one
so I won't wax poetic there -

Thank you all again for all the nice things everyone says
- Have a great weekend!!!! -

Thanks for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. All kinds of wonderful stitchy pics! You've sent and rec'd fabulous exchanges! Love the biscornu pattern, I've never seen it before and it looks perfect for you! The exchange you sent Carol is gorgeous! And your BBD is getting lovelier by the day, you'll have it finished it no time!

  2. Lovely exchanges both given and received.

  3. Great exchanges!! Love seeing what everyone is doing!

  4. So glad it arrived safely and that you love it! It is called Master Quaker Silhoutte by Homespun Elegance and i figured you are teh "Master of Quakers" it suited you perfect! LOL I really enjoyed making this for you!! hugs

  5. I just love your stitchinng and I don't care what anybody else says you do beautiful stitching. I just can't get over on how beautiful your stitching looks. I admire all of your stitching that you do.

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  6. Great exchanged, Edgar !! I really love the Quacker design from the pin keep !!
    Patti xx

  7. please take a look at my blog i have nominated you with a Kreativ blog award. hugs

  8. I love what you sent to Carol - congrats on something that seemed to really make her smile. That's a super gift from Karen and you BBD progress is great - almost there!

    Edgar I always look at the photo on the top right and am not sure which one is you!! Let us know so I can visualize your face behind the awesome stitching. :)

  9. Wahoo! I get to ke your 3rd wish Edgar! I've been trying to find someone to make a wish and lo and behold, I got lucky today!!!! I'm gonna brain storm tonight to decide what to do for you!

  10. Great exchanges in both directions! I really like what you made for Carol and I'm sure that she really appreciates your efforts. It looks like you are almost finished with Blooming, so I'll be watching for a happy dance soon!

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  12. I just have to get into more exchanges! The Quaker Animals was such fun, but I don't want to bite off more then I can chew. Right now I'm into my gymnastics designs, getting ready for the "Olympic Fever" that I hope hits just in time for the September craft bazaars!
    Yes commercial TV will basically "bite the big one" until the Olympics are on. Then I am revitted to the tube 24/7.

  13. That biscornu is just perfect for a man! What a great choice.

    What lovely gifts for Carol!!!

  14. Beautiful exchange that you received and that you sent ;)

  15. I just love the biscornu Karen stitched for you. Doesn't she do lovely work :)

    Love your exchange to Carol .. nice!

    and BBD is awesome!

  16. A great wish to receive. Your exchange to carol is just perfect.

  17. My goodness Karen outdid herself didn't she?! That is a seriously GORGEOUS biscornu!

    And your exchange with Carol...well words are not adequate! Gorgeousness abounds here today!