Friday, July 11, 2008

RR Stitching, Christmas stitching and a movie or two

I finished up the Christmas ornament for Staci ( I think I need to make me one!!) and will get that out next week, no snap yet. I also worked heavily on the Halloween RR - but am not sure if I like how it is looking..... so I will not show it yet on the off chance I need to hit the froggies - no matter - whatever is done is fine as it needs to get into the mail on Tuesday - so there might be a snap on Monday, but none today. I can't believe how indecisive I am about this piece - usually I just make up my mind and go with it -

The movies on TCM last night were chosen by the Programmer of the month and this month it was Sally Feild- The first flick was "The Awful Truth" - 1937 with Irene Dunne and Cary Grant. This is a great movie and I have seen it many times before - worth seeing if you haven't. This was followed up by "All About Eve" - 1950 - a perfect movie IMHO - and one I can watch over and over!! and have!!

The SBQ -
How do you balance your stitching time with your other obligations such as work,
household chores, etc.?

The way I balance my stitching time is after dinner I settle down and stitch until I go up to iron the clothes for the next day and go to bed. I generally stitch every night. If there is something that has to get done or an errand to run then I do that first. But, I am a creature of habit and I like doing the same thing every evening - I stitch and watch movies!! ( and fight off the hounds that want to sit in my lap and prevent me from stitching, that is another story)
There you go - pretty basic and I am very easy to please.

Now to the comments section of the show.....

Dear Vonna - I did know about the JCS issue this month - and YES, I got my copy as that is another great memorial chart - I really like these two patterns and both of the patterns are just perfect!! Such great sentiments about those that we love and loose.

Dear Donna - you just send any of those black jelly beans my way that you don't want - In fact if truth be told I even by the bags of just black ones because they are so yummy!!!

Dear Carol R - You know how I love those English Pontefract Cakes and just horde any I get - but I also don't really know anyone else who likes them like I do. :)

Another week zooms by - whooooosh - Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Take care,


  1. Edgar I do believe we could be roommates :)
    I am a creature of habit as well and if you would iron my clothes...I'd fight the dogs for you! :)

  2. LOL...Vonna's comment made me laugh!

    All About Eve is one of those wonderful movies. I have it in my calendar to watch next month at the oldie classics theater. Can't wait!

  3. Love the Awful Truth. I love a good screwball. I should have been around in the 30s.

  4. Household chores? What are those? LOL I like your thinking about stitching every evening. Oh yea, ironing? I don't know if I even have one. Just kidding, I have to have one to iron my stitching finishes!

  5. I do everything on a "need to" basis, and I need to do stitching more than housework! LOL Seriously though, as I'm at home all day I usually stitch in the afternoons having done any necessary housework in the mornings. Very rarely do I stitch in the evenings.

  6. I just got the JCS issue too and it has me panting for the ornament issue to come out! There are just too many great ornaments in these to do. I love how your Halloween piece is looking - can't wait to see the verse that you stitch in!

  7. I also love "All About Eve"...Great movie!

  8. The frogs have been busy over at my place, so I'm sure they will leave you and your Halloween RR alone.