Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blogiversary Prize arrives and some Halloween stitching

I see from Carol's blog that the Blogiversary prize has arrived - and again in record time!!! I just sent that sucker out on last Thursday!!!! Yippee for the mail service!!!
Here is a snap of the package I got together for her -

I have been in an orchid kind of mood and here is a second go at some Soie d'Alger pale orchid stitching. Both Carol and I like the Quaker things so it was easy to decide on what to stitch. I included some b&w trimmings and some finishing fabric. There was also a SF mug and some Joseph Schmidt chocolates in another of his special summer boxes. I really enjoyed getting this together and know this will be a an annual event!!

I got my Halloween RR out last night and worked some more on the skeletal witch -

She is really starting to look like something - since this will need to get mailed on the 15th I am going to get as much done as I can before sending it out.

Last night the movies were part of TCM's salute to the fabulous Rosalind Russell. She is the star of the month. Last night started off with a bang - "The Women" - 1939 in which she plays the gossipy Sylvia Fowler. This was followed up with "My Sister Eileen" - 1942. Both excellent movies and worth seeing!!

Thanks for stopping by and all the nice things everyone writes, I do appreciate them!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Great prize - love it all! Thank you again Edgar

  2. That's a fantastic package you put together!

    Your headless, skeletal witch looks very spooooky, lol!

  3. What a great prize to send out! I bet Carol was over the moon! That RR is looking great!

  4. Oh, I love The Women! That is a great movie.

    Carol's prize package is great. I like that orchid color on that fabby. It's very complementary.

  5. What a lovely prize you sent to Carol. Your pin keep is just beautiful! The RR is looking great.

  6. Awesome gift! Carol is very lucky - and deserves the treats :-)

  7. What a nice gift you sent! I love your RR fabric and the Halloween stitching is coming right along.

  8. Your gift to Carol is very pretty and I love the pinkeep for Yuko. As always you do beautiful stitching (and finishing) ;)

  9. Ooh, you put together some very nice parcels, sir!

    Love your Halloween witch!

  10. Great blogaversary gift, Edgar! I can imagine Carol is so thrilled to receive all these goodies.

  11. What a beautiful Bloggerversary prize! I know Carol must be over the moon with it ;)
    And your Halloween RR is just looking great!