Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exchange Finishing, Christmas Stitching, mail and movies

I finished up All of my upcoming exchanges last night - it feels really good to see them all there waiting to get mailed next week. Some are going out today and that is also gratifying. No snaps of these until they start to arrive. I worked on an Xmas present that hasn't been out in quite a while - here is a snap of how it is going -

It looks pretty funny with the leaning chimneys!! This is a really nice stitch as are all the BBD.

I had some nice mail yesterday -
I bought some handmade soap off of etsy and it arrived - smelling great!!

What I ordered is called "The Man Stack" - the mind just reels at that title!!! ......but I guess it is because these are not flowery and more earthy smelling soaps - LC - has a piney/foresty smell, the emerald isle is kinda minty/earthy and patchouli is well patchouli. I also got a free half bar thrown in and that is sandalwood - I really like handmade things and this soap falls into that category quite well - I used the sandalwood this morning and it is really nice smelling and has a great lather!! I also stopped off last night on the way home and picked up some.....

Just delicious!!!!!!!!

Finally the fog has started to come in and we are getting our summer weather -

This is looking west from our balcony - the fog pouring over Twin Peaks into Noe Valley -

This is looking east from our balcony towards downtown SF - with the fog pouring up through the Golden Gate over the Bay. Now we are back in the 50's and cold windy loveliness -
that's why I love it here!!!!!
( I even had to turn on the electric blanket last night)

The Movies last night on TCM started off with "Ship Ahoy " 1942 - a cute musical with Eleanor Powell, Red Skelton, Burt Lahr and Virginia O'Brien. This was followed up by - "Cabin in the Sky" - 1943 a top notch musical with Ethel Waters, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and Lena Horne. The last movie I got in was "Bathing Beauty" - 1944 a gorgeous technicolor musical with Red Skelton and Esther Williams.

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  1. Been bouncing around Blogland reading a lot, but not commenting much. But I am alive and well again and ready to type. So many nice purchases lately...charts, threads and those wonderful looking soaps. A friend in Greece sent me some handmade olive oil soap...almost good enough to eat. Wouldn't mind having my mouth washed out with that bar.
    Love Black Bird Designs, although don't have many of their charts. Great work so far on the Christmas gift. I really must start thinking about that upcoming season.
    What a superb view from your balcony!

  2. Such a wonderful view from your balcony! Just came back from italy and have begun catching up on my fav blogs, your among them. Noted that you love licorice! Not many people do and I live in a country where the best stuff is made! Should you like to sample some real Dutch licorice, let me know and I"ll be happy to send you some to sample!