Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Mailman was very good to me yesterday!!!!

Yesterday was a good mail day!! I received my HOE - Summer Quaker from Wendy Jo
- here is a snap of the entire exchange she sent -

and here is a close up of the Pyn Keepe -

Wendy Jo also made me my first floss tag and it is a beauty!!! Both the Pyn Keepe and floss tag were from Workbasket charts. In the package were some NPI silk skeins, and you all know how much I love silks, and a couple of pieces of linen for future projects - It is a wonderful exchange and both pieces are beautifully finished, Thank You so much!!!!!

The post also brought something I had won on eBay
- the Press Book for the original release of "Scrooge" - 1970 -

A Press Book was something that was sent to theaters before the release of a film to help with advertising - I had never seen one for this movie and it was totally cheap!!

The Movies last night were a couple of old time favorites - " Meet Me in St. Louis" - 1944 and "Paper Moon" 1973 - both of these films are great and I have seen them lots and lots - Tonight on TCM is the last evening with star of the month Rosalind Russell -
and they are showing "Auntie Mame" -1958,
followed by "Gypsy" - 1962 - both excellent vehicles for her and worth watching!!

Still stitching away at Christmas Presents so no snaps of that stuff - yet!!

Thanks for stopping by and Thank you all for the wonderful comments -
its like getting warm fuzzy hugs from cyberspace!!!!!!

Take care,


  1. Great exchange Edgar !! Love the Quacker design !!
    Patti xx

  2. Hi Edgar , thanks for your sweet comments on my blog ... do you mean the little sampler with just 1alphabeth and flowers ?? That is a design from Pat Rogers .. she made some gorgeous designs !!
    Patti xx

  3. Hi Edgar. Love your stitching. It looks great. Enjoy watching Auntie Mame. It is one of my all time favorites. In the words of Mame Dennis "Live".

  4. Ooooh, gorgeous pinkeep from Wendy Jo! I just love purple and the color she chose is delicious. :)