Monday, July 21, 2008

Christmas in July - Jingle, Jingle, Jangle

Although it is July the focus has been Christmas - I am in a stitching ornament exchange and my first ornament arrived at Staci's over the weekend
- Here is a snap -

It is from Milady's Needle - "Quaker Christmas Smalls" - stitched on 32 ct linen using the rec Belle Soie silk. I really like the way this turned out and now I want one!!! There are actually 6 in the booklet to stitch. On the back I put our initials and the date.

The stitching I got done was some work on "Where my Heart Blooms"
- and here is a snap of the progress -

As with all BBD, this is a really wonderful stitch - the colours and pattern are so "right" together - I really am liking this!!

And while stitching last night ( Rico was at the end of season softball tournament) I could watch some Christmas movies - as many of you know "A Christmas Carol" is probably my favorite story of all time!!- so I hauled out a couple of versions of "A Christmas Carol" - I watched both the 1999 version with Patrick Stewart and then the 1984 version with George C Scott. Both of these have good and bad points but I think that between the two Patrick Stewart pulls off a better Scrooge the G.C. Scott. Now I need to watch "Scrooge" - 1970 - not the best version of the story - but the music is so wonderful you have to forgive the lapses and rewrites.

Patti - welcome back to the fold of stitching!!! -
Kathryn - I have put "Paprika" on my queue so I should be getting it soon to watch.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

take care,


  1. Edgar, your Christmas ornament is just beautiful!! You're making great progress on the BBD too.

  2. Oh how I love that ornament! I think that chart is on my Wish List or if it isn't it soon will be!

    You built a house far quicker than any builder Edgar, WMHBs looks wonderful.

    I'm a "Christmas Carol" so those movies just have to be favorites of mine too!

  3. Beautiful ornament for Staci!

  4. Well lookie at this beauty Edgar! That's mighty fine and I know Staci has to be over the moon with your contribution :)
    Love the BBD progress!

  5. Edgar,

    That ornie is simply gorgeous! Beautiful work!! And your BBD is, as well. I was happy to see that I guessed the piece right (in my mind) from the beginning last week. (Small joys.. heh)

    One of my favorite "A Christmas Carol" versions has to be "Scrooged"

  6. Lovely Christmas ornament you've made. Your BBD WiP is pretty too. Look forward to watching this one grow.

  7. Hi Edgar
    this is my first visit to your blog. The ornament looks lovely. I too started Christmas this month.... I like to stitch lots of cards!

  8. Thanks for your welcome, Edgar !!
    That Quacker ornament is fantastic !! I am going to look if I can order the cart here .. Love it !!!

  9. I LOVE the ornament you stitched for Staci. It is beautiful!

    Nice progress on the BBD.

  10. Very nice progress on your BBD! And a lovely ornament, too.

  11. The ornament you stitched for Staci is gorgeous! I made a quick ornie for my son (finish-finished!!) and stitched the front of one for my daughter this weekend. Nothing nearly as elaborate as yours, though!

  12. I love your ornament for Staci! Lovely, just lovely :)

    BBD is really coming along!

    lol, I love Christmas movies/song most anytime of year .. sounds like a fun time!

  13. Edgar
    That Christmas Ornament is beautiful - no wonder you want one yourself.
    Sure was a Christmas in July - even down to appropriat movies! Well done

  14. Great ornament Edgar - I like the way you finished it!

  15. Hi Edgar,
    Ornie looks great! Hey, I haven't received my latest Quaker RR yet. and I will be sending you Cheryl's HFFRR to you this week, finished it today! Hurray!
    See ya!

  16. We were doing Christmas in July at the gym last week. It was so weird to go in and see the tree with the lights and all the stockings with our names on them. Actually, it was a bit nauseating since it was 93 degrees outside and neither my house nor car has air-conditioning. The ornie is beautiful. I really must get over my "nausea" and start some ornaments. I just love that white house. I have to get this chart, since the house looks so much like my place.

  17. That ornament is just gorgeous! No wonder you want to make one for yourself. I would, too!