Monday, July 14, 2008

A bunch of stuff to yap about -

Lets start off with a quick trip to NIAH on Saturday morning - I needed to run over to pick up some things and found other things to get also - Here is a snap of the stash -

I found a great pair of Dovo scissors ( Like I needed another pair) and I replenished the dark Halloween threads I am running through - I also found a Workbasket Pattern for a Peacock and house I hadn't seen before.

This moves us along to the Halloween RR - I had to frog out some of the verse... as I didn't like the floss I was using - now I am very happy with the CC Timber floss and think it turned out pretty good - Here is a snap as it stands now.

There are 7 squares for others to stitch in and when I get it back I hope I will have decided what to fill in the left hand side and other bits -

Saturday evening we went to the east bay to the Concord Pavilion ( now called the Sleeptime Pavilion - yea for corporate sponsoring) to see Kathy Griffin.

We went with some good friends and had the best time - she was totally out of control!!! We had seen her in person last year here in the city and she was just as good this time!! I am absolutely addicted to her show - "My life on the D List" -

I spent yesterday finishing up ALL of my exchange stitching - now I need to get at that finishing!! I also worked on a favorite UFO a little bit and here is a snap of that -

I really enjoy working on this Quaker piece!! I just never seem to get the time to work on my own stuff!! Now what's up with that!

I also finished up the final book in the Jospehine trilogy -

They were a really good read and are written in the form of diary entries by Josephine - If anyone would like to read them leave me a comment and I will send the three books to you - I like passing on books - so - don't be shy..... only one set, so first request gets them....

There was also some pretty good movies this weekend - starting with the "49th Parallel" - 1941 a pretty good propaganda movie with lots of famous faces - Laurence Olivier, Glynnis Johns and Leslie Howard. About a WW2 U-boat landing party that is stranded in northern Canada. To avoid internment, they must make their way to the border and get into the still-neutral USA. Then there was " The Edge of the World" - 1937 - beautifully shot in the northern Hebrides. The story is about the ending of a way of life on a small isolated Island off the coast of Scotland. "Objective, Burma" - 1945 this WWII movie was about parachuters going into occupied Burma and blowing up a radar instillation before the invasion of Allied troops - The cast was headed up by Errol Flynn and a host of character actors - pretty good movie!! Then last night on TCM they showed an all time favorite of mine- "Meet me in St Louis" - 1944 - with Judy Garland, Mary Astor, Marjorie Main and Margaret O'Brien. I love this movie and have seen it dozens of times!!!

That starts off the week!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,


  1. Wow... Edgar.. your RR is stunning. I really like how you've designed it, right down to the font of your verse. Good for you for getting it to where you like it.

    I'd love to read those books, but I've got far too many in line. Plus, being a newbie blog commenter, I'd feel guilty asking.

    Kathy Griffin is a hoot. Some of the things that she says on tv just crosses so many (hilarious) lines. I cannot imagine what she's like live. =)

  2. Edgar I love you stash that you bought. The RR is looking Great
    I would love to read these books I will need something to do inbetween unpacking at the new house
    Thank You
    Natasha :)

  3. I LOVE your halloween RR so far. and new stash, fun fun fun.

    I would love to read those books, always looking for something different to read other than James Patterson, etc.

  4. Nice stash and I love your RR. The colors and saying is just great!

  5. Lovely stitching and lovely stash :)

  6. The halloween RR looks wonderful, especially the fabric!!!

  7. Your Halloween RR look perfect on that fabric, love the design choices you've made as well!

  8. Great new stash! Love the scissors, we can never have enough. The quaker peacock is on my list for my next LNS trip. I really like your Halloween RR. I will be watching as this develops.

  9. You found some great goodies, Edgar! And your Halloween RR looks perfect!

  10. Your RR looks perfect! I'm getting mine ready to go out in the mail!
    Great stash!

  11. Guess I missed out on the books? First time I leave it until later to read your blog and I miss out. That's what work does for you.

    Great stash haul - I have been eyeing those scissors in my LNS for ages!

    Your RR is perfect - love the verse and that little row of pumpkins!

  12. Edgar
    Can you leave a comment on your blog answering my question - what is the pattern name of the Quaker UFO you showed today - I LOVE it!

  13. Ohhhh, the Halloween RR looks awesome...and spooky. I love it!

    Cool that you got to see Kathy Griffen! She's a riot!

  14. Edgar,

    Your RR is really unique. I love it.

    Great stash haul. Maybe I could meet you some day at NIAH. I live in the East Bay.

  15. Wow, Edgar, your RR is very impressive! Can't wait to see it finished. And great stash, too.

    I too love Kathy Griffin! She's such a blast. (I so wanted her to marry Steve Wozniak!)

  16. Edgar what a wonderful rr. I can't wait to see this progress.

  17. This has to be the most unique RR I've seen. I just love it ;)