Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A bunch of mail... and a close encounter?

Last night was a total bust in the stitching department. After the supper things were cleaned up and the dishwasher started - I sat down in my chair, the hounds jumped up and settled pretty fast ..... and the next thing I knew it was 10:37 PM - what happened to the evening????? I know it was alien abduction and mind control as it couldn't be just me passing out - and snoozing the evening away????? what's up with that???
Oh well - no snaps of any progress - or pictures of alien probing!!!!!! :)

I did however get some super mail yesterday - so lets start off with a great RAK - from Julianne over at "Julianne's Stitching Corner."
She sent me one of the charts from my wish list.
Here is a snap -

I have always loved this chart - not only because it has a sheep, but the saying is so homey and nice - Thank you so very much!!!! - Now I need to find the time for some ME stitching and get it done!!

I also got an order from Drema at Needlecraft Corner, and an order from 123 Stitch AND a couple of charts I had won on eBay - here is a snap of some of the stuff - not all - as some is destined for others in upcoming exchanges -

I have been chasing those Mary Garry charts for the longest time (as have others out there) and finally got a couple!! They are scarce as hen's teeth so I was really happy about winning them. Those little charts from JBW Designs are so sweet, and I have a bunch, how could I resist and the little alphabet came with MOP buttons!! The Homespun Sampler ornie from 1999 I did not have and it was on sale -now how could I pass that????

I also mailed out two exchanges - SBEBB - Red work V - travelling overseas so it will get there sometime towards the end of next week..... and HOE Summer Quaker - travelling domestically so it should arrive in the next few days at its new home!!

Yesterday brought a couple of super shots to my ego in that I have been awarded Kreative Blogger Awards by two wonderful ladies - Tammie over at "A Stitch in Time" and Margaret at "Margaret's Blog" - Thank you both for the super vote of confidence in my yapping about all and sundry here at Black Sheep - I often wonder if my babblings aren't just that - but I persevere and still really enjoy everything about the blogging world. I have met so many great people both in person - Michele and Valerie and numerous stitchers over the Internet that it has really been worthwhile - so I ain't going anywhere!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

take care,


  1. Awww, Edgar, I loved meeting you. We should do something like that again. I am so happy to have joined the HoE "board" because it introduced me to a lot of people. If I could only find the time to stitch more and put myself out there more, I'd me so happy. I'd love to be one of the "popular kids". =)

    That "Sheep May Safely Graze" chart is super cute. Julianne was very nice to send it to you!

  2. Congratulations on your blogger award!

    Love The Sheep May Safely Graze. You should stitch one of the sheep in black :o)

  3. Since it has a sheep, I also just got Sheep May Safely Graze. Very interesting stitching on the main body. I wonder how it will turn out in Real Life?

  4. Now you have a Brillante Award to join your Kreativ Blogger Award - come pay me a visit!

  5. Oh my gosh! I think the aliens must have selected ME as their next victim! I sat down to stitch and POOF! it was 9:00 already! Methinks we should start a STITCHER BLOGGER NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH committee to catch these little bast**** in the act!

  6. I can't wait to see this stitched, but then again, everything you stitch is FANTASTIC! Any suggestions for stitching quicker-tips, techniques? I try to stitch every night, but I just seem to be slow. Still - it's progress!

  7. Well deserved Edgar, I love your blog, visit it every day and leave with a smile or giggling...
    I love your new chart, might have to keep an eye out for that for myself.
    Hope those pesky aliens stay away so you can make some more of your beautiful stitching work.

  8. Wonderful additions to your stash - always a nice pick me up - and congrats on your award! You must have needed the rest, glad you got some.

  9. Great stash! I have those JBW charts too, yet to stitch them though.
    Congrats on your award. Your blog is great :)

  10. Congratulations on the Mary Garry wins. Those are definitely hard to come by! Nice looking stash, all around. :)

  11. Do you mean I lost out to you on those Mary Garry charts on Ebay? hahaha! I love it! At least someone I know got them!