Monday, June 16, 2008

A super visit, BP framed, exchange arrived, some stash and a Happy Birthday!!

The weekend stared with a great visit from Michele and her DH. It was such fun to meet another Stitching Blogger. This is such an anonymous venue that to meet face to face is great!!! We got together on Saturday night down on Columbus street where we sat around talking for what seemed like a few short minuets but was actually a few hours!!!!
Michele was so sweet and even got me a really cute prezzie -

I am now the proud owner of one of Monique's wonderful thread holders. Michele also included some beautiful HDF silk. It was their 33 anniversary and it was a gorgeous weekend for walking all over the city, which they did!!
I always wonder if we are like the blogs we write. From reading Michele's blog for a while I already had a good idea of how sweet she would be - and after getting to know her...everything I thought was so true - there couldn't be two nicer people!!!

Now from this blog you all know what a crack pot I must be!! :)

A couple of weeks ago I got a wild hair and wanted to get something framed so out of the finish drawer and to the framers a piece went - well, yesterday I picked it up
- and here is a snap -

So now the Beatrix Potter Sampler is framed and on the wall. The frame is in the aesthetic style of the 1870's so compliments the stitched piece pretty well. Here is a close up of the frame -

I started off with heavy plain black frames and it made the whole piece look way to funereal,
so slowly I came around to this frame.

I also learned that my HOE exchange for Anna arrived
(it took that sucker 3 weeks to get to Norway)
here is a snap of the exchange piece -

It is called Peacock Repose, by Workbasket (I think) - Anna does not care for the colour blue so I traded out the blues for pinks and I really like how it turned out!!

While I was in Alameda picking up the BP Sampler I also had to stop by NIAH.
- I picked up some floss -

for the Halloween RR - and

some reds for upcoming red-work pieces

It is also my best friends Dale's Birthday today
-but we had him over last night for his BD dinner -

Hunny only had one thing on her mind!!!
(more hag hands - and no drawing - what is the world coming to !!)

There was my weekend!! Hope yours was as good!!
Thank you all for you kind wishes for Rico's new job!!!!!
and Thanks you for stopping by!!

Take care,


  1. I love the frame you chose for BP, it complements the thread colours perfectly!

  2. That's so great that you met a blogging friend! And love, love, love BP in it's framed glory! You couldn't have made a better frame choice!!! Of course the pinkeep is another stunner Edgar!

    AND a big be-lated congrats to Rico on the new job, how exciting!!!

  3. The frame for BP is perfect and sets it off beautifully. It must be wonderful to meet a fellow stitching blogger, so glad you had fun. I love you exchange piece it is so bright and beautiful I can't wait to get your Halloween RR. I get to be the first one to receive yours, YAYAYAY!

  4. Hunny looks like she wants that cake! Glad you got to meet a blogger friend! The frame is perfect for the BP stitching! Guess what, the registed letter I sent came back to me:( I'm gonna try to first address now.
    Have a great week Edgar!

  5. I LOVE BP and the frame you chose. I have this one in my ever growing to-do pile.
    Isn't Michele absolutely wonderful! I love her to death. I can't wait to see her again in Oct in Myrtle Beach.

  6. Sounds like you had a fab weekend! Absolutely love the frame on BP. It's stunning. And the peacock exchange is great. I love those peacocks. I was debating getting the charts at NiaH this weekend.

    Mmmmmmm, cake! :)

  7. The BP sampler is gorgeous, well done on your frame choice. Your exchange piece for Anna is lovely too.nufevrn

    Congratulations to Rico on the new job.

  8. I stitched Peacock Repose a few years ago and I much prefer your colorway!

    How nice that you and Michele were able to meet up IRL. I've had that chance with a few stitchers, and it's such a thrill to finally put a "real" person with the blog-personality. :) I'm sure Michele enjoyed meeting you every bit as much, too!

  9. The frame you chose complements BP wonderfully! It's beautiful! Wouldn't I just love to have that hanging in my house?

  10. I love the frame you chose for BP - it's just right.
    How lovely to meet up with Michele and you got a trip to NIAH too - what a great weekend.
    As always, a lovely pym keep fpr Anna - such pretty colours.
    Happy belated birthday to Dale - what I would give for a slice of that cake :o)

  11. I absolutely (and I mean ABSOLUTELY) LOVE that frame that you chose for's perfect Edgar.
    And you are right, Michele is a darling (never met her, but she's a dear, she has to be)!

    And Happy Birthday Dale...he looks like he's the best friend anybody could want to have...while Hunny is thinking which violet flower to bite off his cake! LOL!

  12. that frame is absolutely gorgeous and the stitching is fab.. something to treasure cant believe u had it in a drawer... and your exchange piece is cute.. keep up the good work

  13. The frame is soooo beautiful!!

  14. Oh Wow! BP is Beautiful! I love it in that frame and the fabric is perfect.
    Your pinkeep is lovely!

  15. I love the frame and the sampler; they complement each other so nicely!

  16. You're framed piece is just stunning! I have yet to get any of mine framed yet... The exchange turned out beautiful and Hunny is just the cutest! Thanks for sharing Edgar!

  17. Edgar!!! I miss you already :) and Mr. Terry says HI! lol

    OMG that frame is perfect for BP! now why didn't that find it's way into my suitcase?? hee hee hee

  18. Oh youe framed BP looks so wonderful!
    I love it very much and congratulations for your stunning finish!

  19. Hi Edgar, Just thought I would say how much I enjoy your blog. I'm new to the blog world myself but I have noticed your name alot in some of the exchange groups I have recently joined. Your work is beautiful and your posts make me laugh, you have a great sense of humour.
    I hope to meet up with you one day through one of the exchanges. Happy stitching!!!

  20. Sounds like you've had a great few days :o)

    Your framed piece looks stunning - great choice of frame and colours!

  21. Wow that looks gorgeous....the cake...mmmm...i want. No, really, your framed piece is a stunner, very beautiful, it looks like it could be straight out of an old English country house. Is that your dog in the pic? What a sweetie.

  22. What a great frame and all your stitching is lovely as always! Last weekend I met Tuula and saw the lovely box you made for her in SBEBB house exchange, it's beautiful :)

  23. Just quickly 'delurking' to say how wonderful your sampler looks framed - that frame is absolute perfection for that piece. You do some exquisite stitching :)

  24. That frame is just perfect for the sampler! Gorgeous!

  25. BP is absolutely beautiful. Great frame choice. BTW, the cakes looks really yummy. Love the little poochie too.

  26. Oh my, what a gorgeous frame for your BP piece. Just stunning ;)

  27. The BP turned out beautiful. The frame is perfect. Love it!