Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Exchange stitching and movie-talk

Once again busy with my exchange stitching - so no snaps of that, yet -

I did watch two flicks on TCM as part of the Asian Images in Film series. The first was a movie I had never heard of called "The Mountain Road" - 1960 with Jimmy Stewart and Lisa Lu. About 8 demolition men travelling in front of the Japanese offensive in WWII torn China and all the issues arising from the culture clash between east and west. It was a very different role for Stewart and Lu was really wonderful as the widow of an executed Chinese General travelling with the group. She became the voice of China to the Americans. The second flick is one of my favorite musicals - "Flower Drum Song" - 1961 This is one of the most entertaining musicals and worth seeing!! Great songs and musical numbers. The oddest thing about this movie is that the majority of the actors are Japanese and not Chinese - but a small point and much better than non-Asian actors in the rolls which is what would have happened if the movie had been made earlier. Just a heads up for August on TCM - Once again they will be doing Summer under the stars..... where everyday they showcase a star and their movies - always a wonderful way to see some great movies!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Take care,


  1. I looked at the schedule for August...found lots of goodies! I set up several e-mail notices for specific movies and will probably put together a list to help me remember who has what day.

    TCM rules

  2. Hi Edgar!
    I saw "The Mountain Road" also last night. As you said it was unusual roles for both actors.
    I found it very odd and interesting at the same time!

  3. I'm adding The Mountain Road to my list :) I LOVE Flower Drum Song .. one of my all time favs!